Banana Snickers Milk Shake

Hi everyone! 🙂

It’s been a long while since I posted a homemade recipe. Tonight, my husband bought two snickers and I am not really a fan of sweet chocolate so what I did with some ingredients I found at my kitchen is shake them and turn it into a taste bud awakening Banana Snickers Milk Shake.

milk shake

You will need:

1 Banana

2  Bars of Snickers (you can reduce it if you don’t want it to be too sweet)

Condensed milk

Non Fat Milk (it can be a non fat, that’s all I got in my fridge)

All Purpose Cream

Cinnamon Powder



1. Prepare the ingredients.

milk shake

milk shake

milk shake

2. Chop the banana and snickers bar so you can blend it easily.

3. Put it into a blender.

milk shake

4. Pour 1 glass of milk into the blender.


5. Blend all the main ingredients.


6. Add crushed ice and blend it again.

7. Pour the milkshake in a mason jar, add all purpose cream on top (I am not in the mood to make whip cream from scratch, haha)

milk shake

8. Add a hint of cinnamon on top for aroma and additional flavor.


There you go, you have your Banana Snickers Milk Shake. It’s perfect for the hot weather and suits your sweet tooth very well.


P.S. Forgive me for any typo and grammar mishaps. I am in a rush in posting this because I got a full time job haha.