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Well-behaved women seldom make history.



Simple Acts of Integrity in the Brgy. Election

I am not a fan of Brgy. Elections because I seldom see Brgy. Captains with integrity but last week, one aspiring Brgy. Captain made me see that there are still people who just want to SERVE (no hidden agendas) and they will not sacrifice their integrity for the sake of winning.


My husband told Tito Ellen  that there are three voters who are already working on a different place but they are still registered at Donya Lucia (our barangay) and they told my husband that they will go back if they will be given money for transportation. Tito Ellen’s remark was “Kung gusto nilang bumoto, uuwi sila, di na kailangang bigyan ng pamasahe” (If they want to vote, they will go back home. There’s no need to give money for transportation).  The idealistic spirit in me sparked and I thought, this is a man everybody can look up to.  Tito Ellen still considers that as a form of vote buying.

If only people like him can get the position to serve, I doubt if there will be no progress within our Brgy. We need simple acts of integrity. It’s in simple deeds that we can measure a man’s integrity. To my Tito Ellen, win or lose – you have gained everybody’s respect. And shame on the running candidates who will spend huge amount of money just to get the position. This is not just a story to inspire the people living in Donya Lucia. It’s a rural place and perhaps only 5 % of the people living there can read this but I still want to write the story about it to uplift people that there are still politicians with integrity.


The Ultimate Debt Killers

Are you tired of saying yes to debt and no to life? Are you saddened by the fact that your payday equates to you, paying for your debts? Living debt-free is one of the sweetest things that can ever happen in your life, and although it may be challenging, especially when the newest collector’s shoes are out in the market, it is never impossible to say ‘no’ to debt and ‘yes’ to a happy and fulfilled life.

One of the most influential and wrong perceptions most consumers apply is that staying out of debt may hinder them from living a full and contented life because in reality, it is the other way around. Debt is a trap set for you to live in misery. You may enjoy your newly bought Ferrari now, but how many years would you have to suffer for buying items that you can’t really afford to pay? No matter what specs or advertisements you may have seen, you must learn how to count figures and know your financial limitations. Otherwise, you will end up suffering from debt plus your monthly dues.

Credit Card—Need vs. Want

A major culprit that can cause you your savings is a credit card. Before applying for a program, ask yourself if you really do need a credit card or if you are just availing it for availing wants and to feed your hunger for new collectible items. Paying cash is always best, especially since you won’t have to worry about monthly interests afterwards. Instead of buying impulsively, get your head straight and try to think if you really want that item. If you really do and you can’t sleep on it, go ahead and indulge. If not, then don’t go back to the mall because you might end up buying an item you don’t really want and need.

Also, if you are applying for a credit card, make sure that you’d avail of one that has the lowest interest rate. Additionally, do not set your credit card limit to as high as the roof. Instead, minimize your credit card limit for you to make sure that you won’t be a victim of impulsive buying.

Save for Possible Debt

Well, in this life, you can’t really be debt-free all the time because there will be instances when you’d need to borrow money. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t act on this as soon as possible. While you still have all the strength to work and pay off your bills, allocate a portion of your earnings for your savings account and never forget to allot a part of it to manage your debt. This way, you won’t have to worry about interests that continue to increase monthly. Remember, the sooner you pay for your debt, the lesser the chance you’d have in suffering from too much debt.

No one can ever rescue you because in the real world, you have to be responsible for yourself and your monthly expenditures. If not, you might as well say goodbye to happiness and success.


How Hairstyles Tell Stories about Women

When we say body language, most people think that it is all about movement, body position, posture, eye contact, facial expressions and so on and so forth. Although this is quite true, that is not all there is to it in body language. Actually, even hairstyles are included in interpreting body language.

If you wish to know more about the lifestyle or a self-image of a woman, then you should have a good look at her hairstyle choices. Today, there are various styles of hairs that are socially acceptable for women. That is why you can find it hard to know a woman better if your depend on her hair style. Because of his, you should look at a woman’s hair color, length as well as volume (in addition to style) if you wish to know her more.

So, what does your hair style say about you? Let’s take a look at the various interpretations below:

–  Short hair. These days, there are different variations of a short hair. There is one that is messy and easy to maintain. On the other hand, there are also those that are carefully styled and trendy. For the latter, the hair style actually indicates wealth or being financially well-off. Why is this so? This is because the cost of  maintaining and styling such type of hair may be too much for a person that has an average income. By having a short hair that is regularly dyed, we can tell that the woman cares about her looks and is more than prepared to shell out money for it. There are many reasons why a lady would want to spend money on maintaining her hair. Her concern for her hair may portray insecurity, concern about being accepted by other people and a high level of vanity. This hair style is more common for women who are in the business world. Women with this kind of job actually has the need to look more presentable and to keep up with the trends. This interpretation is more applicable for young to middle aged women. Older women would tend to have short hair but for different reasons.

–  Long hair. We all know that a long hair exudes great confidence and femininity. Because of this, a lot of women would maintain a long hair to attract men or feel sexy. Having a long hair is much more common for younger to middle-aged women. If you see an older woman with long hair, these are women who refuses to “grow up”. They are trying hard to cling to the vibrant version of themselves. They are not open to the reality that they are no longer in their younger years. However, this is not a negative thing at all. It just goes to show that these women have a free spirit. They are type who have no plans in conforming to the traditional norms of the society.

– Outargeous Hairstyles. Nowadays, you can find women with Mohawk, or have outrageous hair colors. These hairstyles just simply show the fun and crazy side of a woman. Women who wear such hairstyles are adventurous and have no care about what other people will say.



Baby Bump – The Sexiest Curve that a Woman Can Have

I’m getting bigger 😀 I am one humongous fat but happy mama. haha Oh my, I really don’t know what happened to my weight. From 50 kilos I am now almost 75 kilos. I can’t wait to see my baby blake dimitri and at the same time, I can’t wait to get in shape again. bahahaha :))) I wonder if my old friends will still recognize me. I have changed a lot. I look like Princess Fiona in the movie Shrek. Thanks to the aid of makeup, I can still strike a pose. Anyway, all the stretch marks, fat, pimples, and backaches that I have suffered from are all fro my precious little one. There’s nothing more precious than the thought of being a mom.

Come to think of it, two years ago, I see life as a complete meaningless cycle. An everyday routine of working, waking up, and waiting for problems to get solved. I wasn’t afraid to die during those days. I am a selfish wanderer living on my own. Even if I don’t have Blake yet, a lot of things have changed already (not only my physical appearance ahaha) but also the way I look at life 🙂

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A Trait that I want to See Among Politicians

Most of the regular visitors in my blog already know that I am really a nurse (haha) Oh yes! I am. I actually wasted 4 years of my life in the College of Nursing. I had good teachers back then but why I am saying this? It’s because I actually ended up as an internet marketer instead of a Nurse. I have an average of 82.4 in the Nursing Licensure Examination but guess what, 3 years have passed already but I haven’t practice anything from what I have studied on those 4 bloody years.

Something Must Have Gone Wrong

I know something must have gone wrong. Seventy percent of my past and present employees are nurses. Just like me, they are all into internet marketing instead of giving medications, changing IV fluids, comforting patients, saying, “nanay, inom na po kayo ng gamot”, or even trying to stay awake until their shift ends. They are with me. They are writing articles, doing SEO, and other sorts of marketing tactics.

The bottom line is, there’s no enough opportunity for nurses here in our country. Oh wait, we shouldn’t even get that far. There’s no opportunity here in the City of Cabanatuan. There is no opportunity here in the province of Nueva Ecija for MAJORITY of the nurses. Sometimes, I badly wish that even just one politician stand up and ask us on what they can do for nurses because obviously most nurses have jobs but they are called VOLUNTEERS. It’s like a crown of kindness for doing good acts for free but hey, Nurses do have bills to pay. They don’t walk just to get to hospitals. They need to eat and they have parents whom they promised a well-off life. Yes, my parents might have sound crazy when they thought that they will have a good life after my graduation. Guess what? the sad news is after that bloody 4 years of tuition fee and daily allowance – not to mention projects, thesis, and affiliations. Those poor parents will continue to pay for daily allowance just so their REGISTERED NURSES can go to hospitals as VOLUNTEERS.

A Time for Change and Actions

Yesterday, someone asked me if I can invite nurses for a small talk. It’s a small meeting but big things can start from there, Don’t you think? Kuya Jojo Matias is actually the man behind that idea. He wants to know what he can do for nurses. Not those crappy programs that are engineered just so he can claim that he did something for the people but a real one –  A SUBSTANTIAL ONE. And because of that, I said, “hey, that’s a trait that I want to see among politicians” I want to see a person in the government who is actually concerned. Who will take time to talk with people so he can nail the real issue. I don’t really know him but this man really caught my attention. And for that, I’ll give him my support and trust.

Do You Want to Be a part of Change?

If you really – I mean REALLY REALLY want change. Don’t you think, you must take part on it? I mean complaining every time someone’s asking you why you are not practicing your real career won’t help. It won’t! Promise, I have tried it several times (hahaha). For all the nurses living in Cabanatuan City or even near Cabanatuan City and you know in yourself that you can take part in the word CHANGE, do come this coming MARCH 2, 2013 at 1 PM. Meeting place will be at Global Kids Montessori.



I am not planning to be a nurse anymore but for the sake of those colleagues of mine, I am eager to see change on the situation of Nurses here in Cabanatuan City. I caught a  little spark of hope when I heard those words, “What can I do for Nurses”

If I who has no intentions of being a nurse anymore has the concern. Wouldn’t you – a striving nurse join the meeting and finally voice out how you badly needed help?


Don’t just try to complain in your facebook status. Let’s start something 🙂 So I guess, I’ll be seeing you next week. Saturday (march 2) at Global Kids Montessori.

How I Lived My Negative Life Positively

There are no negative things for a positive person.


At age 23, I must say that life is really a tough road. Why am I saying this? When I was still a college student, I have to do my classmates’ assignments and projects – and even students from other blocks just so I can have money to help my parents in paying utility bills. I even have to work on 20 to 30 thesis per semester to earn money. Those things give me no excuse for not excelling in class. I was the first Cum Laude at the College of Nursing back then. While some other students have been given the opportunity to study while not worrying about their family’s financial problem, I am BLESSED to have the opportunity to study hard and still manage to help my parents financially. My father is a hard working man. The only problem is, most often, he is ending up with employers who don’t give a shit whether your family will starve to death. Yes – my father is unlucky with work. he works hard but most of the time gets no salary because of unscrupulous foreign employers.

Why am I saying that I am blessed to have been placed in that kind of situation? It’s because for without it, I will not be tough and I will not strive hard. That’s how you see things positively. Be thankful because at least you have the skills to change the course of your life. Be thankful because at least, you graduated from college. Be thankful because there are other people who haven’t been given the chance to experience what you have experienced. No school could ever taught those life lessons that I learned from my college life.

See? That should be a negative experience but I look at it positively and I end up being thankful.

Here’s another one, recently, I got screwed by Amaia of Avida Land. Yes, that real estate corporation which is owned by Zobel. I started paying my mortgage when I was 21 years old. Two years later, they finally confessed that they don’t know when will my home be built. I bought it for my parents but sadly that first dream house never materialized. After so many appeals that no deductions shall be made to my payment even the interest rate that we need to pay to the bank, they finally agreed to release all my refunds but sadly, I didn’t get the 21,000 pesos mortgage fee plus 17,000 pesos reservation fee. I am just an ordinary hardworking person and those digits ( others might say, ganun lang pala kaliit di nabalik sayo, okay na yun) really mean a lot to me because I am looking after my family’s needs even I am already married. But you know what? I will still be thankful because others have to spend their 21,000 pesos… their 17,000 pesos for hospital billls or for funeral service because someone whom they love died or got sick.

And again, I will say THAT’S HOW YOU LOOK AT NEGATIVE THINGS POSITIVELY. There is no such thing as negative things, there is just a negative mindset. There is no negative and ugly life – there is just what we call pessimist.

Opportunities that You Shouldn’t Miss

Have you ever heard from someone that you shouldn’t miss an opportunity? Or you were confused on weighing things and you end up considering the opportunity that you will miss? What’s the first thing that will come to your mind when you heard of opportunities? When you type the phrase “opportunities that you shouldn’t miss” on google search bar , the top 5 results will give you articles about money and business, but guess what, there are other far more important opportunities that shouldn’t miss.


Here are some that I have in mind:

The Opportunity to Laugh. I always laugh as hard as I can whenever there’s an opportunity. You might ask me why. Think of the people who have depression. Think of the people who have too many problems. Even if they have reasons to laugh, the just CAN’T. Yes, laughter is free but the genuine happiness that you can get from it is simply PRICELESS.

Laugh as hard as you can, you may never know what will happen in your life. Make those laughing moments memorable so whenever you are sad and having a hard time, you will remember, “Life is too beautiful to focus on negative things”.

The Opportunity to Love. We are too busy running after life. We are too busy running after our goals. We are too busy running after money that we forget to love our friends, to love our family, and above all – TO LOVE OUR SELF.

The Opportunity to Share Your Life. Wouldn’t you be happy if you will leave this world and you have left a piece of you to other people? Make an impact on other people’s lives. Make your lifetime worthy by influencing others – by sharing your values – your beliefs.

Dear Readers,

Don’t miss these three valuable opportunities. Life is too short. Don’t waste your time complaining about how bad your life is. Life is too short, in just a few years, your hair will turn gray and you will probably find it difficult to laugh because you have no teeth anymore.



Reprimand and Confront: Easier Said Than Done

Most people say that I am too kind because it’s very seldom that I reprimand or confront someone, but I don’t agree with them. I can consider myself as a coward who is afraid of giving feedback and reprimanding subordinates because I fear that others might lose their confidence if ever I will tell something bad about their work.

I have worked for a lot of clients in the internet. I am an internet marketer and SEO analyst that’s why I talk to a lot of people everyday. I’m good in saying positive things but when it comes to negative feedback, I would rather take the blow from the clients than confront my subordinates.

Why am I so afraid?

I have experience every kind of insult as a newbie in the internet marketing arena. I have worked with different people and they have different attitude. I hate to make others feel the same way.

On Finding Courage

Sometimes I ask, “Do I have the right to blame my team players if ever they fail?” The clear answer is “NO” I don’t give negative feedback that’s why most of them thought it’s just okay. Sometimes I try to “jokingly” reprimand them but who will take it seriously if I am talking as if IT’S JUST OKAY?

These past few days, I have been thinking a lot. I should stand up or else, time will come – we are going to lose our projects. Maybe, all people deserve to hear a negative feedback. Negative feedback is like a bitter medicine. Even if it tastes so bad,  you just have to take it because it will cure you and make you feel better.

The Culprit

In the end, I can say that the culprit is me. I’ve been reluctant in saying what’s on my mind. Most of the time, I fix their jobs instead of letting them do it. How will they know that it’s not the right thing to do when I seldom point out the mistakes?

The Lesson

Don’t say “It’s okay when it’s not”.Don’t be the reason why other people won’t grow.Stop being a Corporate Door Mat.

I have grown to become a good marketer because of experience and “YES” because of negative feedback. Today, I promise to have courage to say what’s on my mind 🙂



First Two Months as A Couple


Sorry Guys if I have been Missing in Action here at The Thrifty Senyorita. Well, to make the long story short, I got married last October 20,2012 (I will post our wedding photos soon 😀 ) and huwallllla! I got pregnant on the same month.

The First Two Ugly Stages of Pregnancy and How I am laughing at it

The first two months of pregnancy was crazy! I’ve been vomiting everything that touches my throat. It’s great to be pampered and not to mention, I can get all the food I am craving for (bwahahaha “evil laughs”) but I really didn’t enjoy it because I was always vomiting. Anyway, the emesis portion of my pregnancy has already left my day to day  life. I am now worried about the colony – oh yes! colony! haha – The colony of pimples in my forehead. It always makes me wonder, are they having a meeting on my forehead? bahahahaha. They seemed to be doing it and last time I heard, they won’t live my devastated face until I give birth.

Thanks to BB creams, and foundations – I can still go out without worrying about those ugly ducklings in my forehead. It’s already drying up. I am using Celeteque facial wash plus toner and also Panoxyl – I heard it’s safe for pregnant moms. I can’t use my old skin regimen thingy because it may harm my baby. And oh! I forgot, I also used Baking Soda and it works wonders! The inflamed areas dried up and it’s beginning to peel.

My Not So Improving Cooking Skills

So much — too much for introduction! hehe I really missed blogging my thoughts, don’t I? Here’s our topic, our first two months as a Couple – I mean a legally wed couple. Well, there’s no changes at all. Even my cooking skills are not changing. When will I ever learn to cook. Last time, when my husband left me at home for a photo and video coverage gig – I almost filled the entire home with smoke coming from the dried fish that I am cooking and I also waited for two hours before I finally ate my breakfast. :((( I feel so hopeless.

My husband cooks for us but I promise, this year – I’ll do my best to practice cooking. I’ll do whatever it takes – even if it means burning down our entire house! hahaha Just kidding :p

Lover’s Quarrel and Finding the Good at it


I remember one of my close friends asked me, “Do you ever have quarrels?” Of course we do! I think having no quarrels in a relationship means both of you are just so good in keeping grudges to yourself. Why do you have to avoid quarrels when one day, I am sure that all those grudges will come out and it will be so big, it can break your marriage? Unsaid words are lethal – they are like slow acting poison. You won’t notice it at first but when it has already spread, you will just find out that it’s too late to fix things.

We always ask each other what’s wrong when something seems wrong. We speak what we want to say to address matters. Yes, there can be tension during those times but we always end up resolving it. WE hug each other afterwards. We fight, we learn, we grow. I must admit, I’m a nagger but my husband is a good partner to me. He cools down when I’m hot headed and allows me to calm down. I remembered from the Movie Mahatma Gandhi, he mentioned:


If an enemy strikes your left cheek, offer him your right.

According to Gandhi, we gain the respect of others by doing that. As they hurt us, the respect turns to grow because we never fight back. We are firm that we will never hurt them. That’s what happened to me and my husband. He never says anything bad to me. He never hurts me even if I am a nagger. The sooner I realize that, I begin to give my respect and I honor my husband. Sometimes, showing that you are superior is acting like you are inferior. Patrick is successful in doing that. I do look like I am the superior because I am the one who talks a lot but in silence, there’s respect. His silence makes me feel ashamed of my values and made me give the respect that my husband truly deserves.

I guess, I still have a lot of things to learn 🙂