How To Match Your Jewelry With Your Makeup

By matching jewelry to our makeup, we can really make ourselves stand out! What we wear is an expression of who we are, so finding inspiration from our favorite ring or lip gloss can really give our outfit a unique look. There are some simple ways to match your favorite accessories to your makeup.

by Mitya Kuznetsov

In general, you can let things match perfectly or clash. Knowing how to get your jewelry to complement your makeup boils down to knowing what colors will match and which ones will clash. There are some tones that naturally go together. Browns, greens, blues, and reds are considered earth tones and can easily be matched. Clashing colors are directly across from each other on the color wheel. For example, green and red will clash.

by Fern Berresford

Imagine a candy apple red gemstone choker matching perfectly with your lipstick. This is a perfect match that blends well and creates harmony with the entire outfit. However, we can also use those same principals to clash instead. Switch the red gemstones with green ones, but keep the same bright red lipstick. Instead of blending, the colors are now clashing and competing together. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It actually brings attention to both your necklace and your lips. Even though the colors clash, there is still harmony with the overall look.

The same thing can be done by having the jewelry take center stage. Imagine a Bohemian necklace that is bold and bright, complementing soft and light hints of makeup. The subtle application of color on the eyes and lips are brought out by the bolder accessory. We do not necessarily need to match or clash the color alone, but also the style and design of the piece itself. Doing so will allow the jewelry to be the hero of your outfit.

First examine your jewelry. Note what tones and colors are highlighted by the piece. Next, decide if you want it to match or clash with your makeup. Pick the colors that will accomplish what you want. Experiment to see what works best for you. If you are looking for additional pieces that are colorful and new, consider checking out

Finding the right jewelry and makeup combination is fun and expressive. You can truly add to your style and play with matching and clashing elements. Doing so will make some major fashion statements. Wow your friends and family with your new look!

Princess in Lavender

Tonight, after finishing my reports, I decided to do a princess look with a touch of lavender. I am not fond of this color but I saw a look in the internet and she added some glitters on her lids to make it look shimmering.

So here it is, my look for tonight.

violet eye makeup

Here’s the details of my eyes 🙂 I love how that cute falsies are dangling at the end of my outer lids.

violet eye makeup

I also make faces. Here’s the puppy eyes with lips pouted.

Duck up your face. (quack quack)

My reaction when my dog poops and pees on my bed. What the heck did you do to my bed???

and lastly

someone farted!

Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that the headband is crafted by me 😀 I used a matted gold lace and braided it. I glued some blue gems into it to make it look like a royal thingy 😀 I hope you like it.
If you have suggestions or if you want me to blog on something, I am just a comment away 😉


Emerald and Ivory

green eye shadow

My make up for today. I call it emerald and Ivory because I am wearing a white ring. I promise that next month, I will be going back to my Face of the Day again and will be doing step by step tutorial on how to make it and which products to use 🙂 For the meantime, I hope you can leave some feedbacks and will make sure to recreate the look. If you have suggestions – do let me know. I’m just a comment away.


Candy Carnival

Hi Guys, will be updating this page soon so I can have a step by step tutorial on how I created this look. For the meantime, I’ll be sharing my pictures. This is a combination of blue hot pink, blue violet, and blue green eye shadow. I wet the brush so the look can become matte and don’t look that powdery. I am just using a very cheap eye shadow on this that’s why I have to work wonders with water :p I’m glad, I wasn’t tempted to use my water color juts to create more vibrant colors haha 😀

Tap your shoulder and congratulate yourself for having your face. You are unique. Be thankful for that mole, be thankful for that nose, be thankful for that eyes, be thankful for that lips. You may not be the most beautiful but that’s what makes you unique 😉