How to walk on high heels?

Not all are able to walk on high heels. However, there are certain occasions that require you to wear one. If that time comes, here’s how you could go through the high heel occasion with a smile on your face.


  1. Practice standing using high heels. In front of a full-length mirror, stand while wearing your high heels and turn on each side. This activity will not only help you correct bad posture; this can also help you to get accustomed to the additional height experienced by your heels.
  2. Walk a few steps while in high heels. In doing this activity, you must first practice on a wooden floor. Once you feel that you’re okay with it, train next on a low carpeting floor. Don’t rush yourself and start immediately with thick carpeting. This will only lead to loss of balance.
  3. Keep your legs straight and close together as you walk. Make sure to keep your feet as straight as possible as you walk. You can initially start slowly and once you get the hang of it, you can then increase your speed. While doing this activity, you have to slowly start building confidence as you walk. Having confidence will prevent you from falling.
  4. Walk back and forth turning in different directions while on your heels. You must learn to make a turn without wobbling or falling. Once you are done with this, practice on different floor surfaces.
  5. Practice makes perfect. Walking on heels is a completely different experience. Hence, if you don’t want to fall flat on your face, practice walking on it. This may sound silly but this is something that you really have to do. Practice will make your feet feel comfortable while you’re on high heels.
  6. Do a simulation. Practice the things that you might do while wearing your high heels. You can practice sitting, standing, dancing and many more. This will help you be prepared when the actual stuffs happen during the event.
  7. Be extra cautious when going up and down the stairs. If you’re climbing up or going down a staircase, it would be better to grab the railings. If you don’t want to completely grab the rails, you can just get as close to it as possible. Make sure that your shoes and feet land firmly on each steps of the stair.


These are just some of the things that you can do in order to prepare yourself on the actual occasion. Wearing high heels is a real challenge that needs practice. It is not something that will immediately come to you. Never be afraid of high heels. There are things that you can do in order to conquer it.



Selecting a Comfortable Footwear


  1. When selecting an office shoes you should opt to a low heel pumps which is about two and half inches or less. You should remember that the higher the heels the more pressure your toe will experience.
  2. Shoes that fit your foot size well will give you a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Never settle for size 7 or 8 if your true foot size is 7 and ½ inches. Always ask the store if they have half sizes, if they don’t, might as well look for another store.
  3. Comfortable footwear usually comes with lower heels. Lower pump heels promote good and firm heel grip, thus it will give extra support to your mid-sole. The likelihood to feel pain is very low.
  4. Shoes that have sole cushions and shock absorption features provide extreme comfort to the feet even for a long walk.
  5. Shoes with broader and profounder toe shape give a comfortable fit on your foot. Having a larger room for your toes will avoid them from pinching or too much constriction.
  6. Most of wedge shoes are more comfortable than those of pointed heels shoes. Wedge shoes help in body weight distribution towards to your feet, thus, the force needed to keep your balance becomes lesser.
  7. Padded shoes or cushioned shoes support the normal shape of your feet. It will prevent more pressure to go in your toe ball area.
  8. Synthetics shoes are sometimes not a very good choice in buying shoes. Most synthetics shoes promote high sole constrictions leading to callouses and foot burns. Also, synthetic shoes do not give enough air flow inside; therefore, your feet are locked down and will surely sweat.
  9. Most of the comfortable shoes are costly. Well, we should always pay for our own comfort. Why let are feet suffer if we can afford a comfortable one, right?
  10. Also, most of the comfortable shoes are not found in the shoe section of the department store. There are outlets outside the department stores that offer variety of fashionable and trendy comfortable shoes.


How Hairstyles Tell Stories about Women

When we say body language, most people think that it is all about movement, body position, posture, eye contact, facial expressions and so on and so forth. Although this is quite true, that is not all there is to it in body language. Actually, even hairstyles are included in interpreting body language.

If you wish to know more about the lifestyle or a self-image of a woman, then you should have a good look at her hairstyle choices. Today, there are various styles of hairs that are socially acceptable for women. That is why you can find it hard to know a woman better if your depend on her hair style. Because of his, you should look at a woman’s hair color, length as well as volume (in addition to style) if you wish to know her more.

So, what does your hair style say about you? Let’s take a look at the various interpretations below:

–  Short hair. These days, there are different variations of a short hair. There is one that is messy and easy to maintain. On the other hand, there are also those that are carefully styled and trendy. For the latter, the hair style actually indicates wealth or being financially well-off. Why is this so? This is because the cost of  maintaining and styling such type of hair may be too much for a person that has an average income. By having a short hair that is regularly dyed, we can tell that the woman cares about her looks and is more than prepared to shell out money for it. There are many reasons why a lady would want to spend money on maintaining her hair. Her concern for her hair may portray insecurity, concern about being accepted by other people and a high level of vanity. This hair style is more common for women who are in the business world. Women with this kind of job actually has the need to look more presentable and to keep up with the trends. This interpretation is more applicable for young to middle aged women. Older women would tend to have short hair but for different reasons.

–  Long hair. We all know that a long hair exudes great confidence and femininity. Because of this, a lot of women would maintain a long hair to attract men or feel sexy. Having a long hair is much more common for younger to middle-aged women. If you see an older woman with long hair, these are women who refuses to “grow up”. They are trying hard to cling to the vibrant version of themselves. They are not open to the reality that they are no longer in their younger years. However, this is not a negative thing at all. It just goes to show that these women have a free spirit. They are type who have no plans in conforming to the traditional norms of the society.

– Outargeous Hairstyles. Nowadays, you can find women with Mohawk, or have outrageous hair colors. These hairstyles just simply show the fun and crazy side of a woman. Women who wear such hairstyles are adventurous and have no care about what other people will say.



How To Match Your Jewelry With Your Makeup

By matching jewelry to our makeup, we can really make ourselves stand out! What we wear is an expression of who we are, so finding inspiration from our favorite ring or lip gloss can really give our outfit a unique look. There are some simple ways to match your favorite accessories to your makeup.

by Mitya Kuznetsov

In general, you can let things match perfectly or clash. Knowing how to get your jewelry to complement your makeup boils down to knowing what colors will match and which ones will clash. There are some tones that naturally go together. Browns, greens, blues, and reds are considered earth tones and can easily be matched. Clashing colors are directly across from each other on the color wheel. For example, green and red will clash.

by Fern Berresford

Imagine a candy apple red gemstone choker matching perfectly with your lipstick. This is a perfect match that blends well and creates harmony with the entire outfit. However, we can also use those same principals to clash instead. Switch the red gemstones with green ones, but keep the same bright red lipstick. Instead of blending, the colors are now clashing and competing together. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It actually brings attention to both your necklace and your lips. Even though the colors clash, there is still harmony with the overall look.

The same thing can be done by having the jewelry take center stage. Imagine a Bohemian necklace that is bold and bright, complementing soft and light hints of makeup. The subtle application of color on the eyes and lips are brought out by the bolder accessory. We do not necessarily need to match or clash the color alone, but also the style and design of the piece itself. Doing so will allow the jewelry to be the hero of your outfit.

First examine your jewelry. Note what tones and colors are highlighted by the piece. Next, decide if you want it to match or clash with your makeup. Pick the colors that will accomplish what you want. Experiment to see what works best for you. If you are looking for additional pieces that are colorful and new, consider checking out

Finding the right jewelry and makeup combination is fun and expressive. You can truly add to your style and play with matching and clashing elements. Doing so will make some major fashion statements. Wow your friends and family with your new look!

The Princess Meets the Diva

Hi there senyoritas! Today’s post will be about shoes. I must admit that shoes are my guilty pleasures. I don’t know but I just find shoes as the center piece of every outfit that I will wear. I maybe wearing a 10 peso dress or a thirty pesos thrifted shorts but I know that my gorgeous pair of shoes will make my outfit stand out.

I can remember my Tita Elaine saying that women who wear high heels look smarty. Never mind if everyone is staring at you! As long as you feel confident about yourself. It’s your feet anyway. As I always say, do what you want to do. Dress as you want to dress but never step on another woman’s heels.

I know, I haven’t posted my collection here but will surely do in the future 😉 For now, let me share my two new babies – the princess and the diva.
Both of them are from Parisian. I bought them at SM North EDSA yesterday. You can find Parisian in the Ladies’ Shoes section of SM Department Store. You can check their facebook fan page here.

The Princess

Price: P 1299

This pumps is 5 inches high. It has a glittery gold base which is covered with sexy lace. The heels looks like a shiny metal gold to me.

I am going to wear this on my wedding day 😀 I have been searching the web for all kinds of shoes. I can’t  just find the one that will make me fall in love. I have heard of Abbylyn’s located at Cubao Expo but didn’t end up buying a customized pair of shoes there because I fell in love with this Parisian Pumps in lace. Even my boyfriend, Patrick fell in love with it!

I saved 3701 pesos on my wedding shoes 😀 I am not thrifty when it comes to shoes. I don’t know why. I just think that cheap shoes really look cheap. Unlike cheap clothes, you can accessorize and play with them to make them look stunning.

So here it is… make way for the princess:

The Diva

Price: P 1299

Since I saved a lot because I found a cheaper wedding shoes, I decided to buy this hot pink 7 inches pumps in suede. Yeee (kilig) I love this because it makes me look taller. Huh! I am almost 6 feet tall now. 😀

On other online shops, you will find this pair of shoes at 2,000 to 3,000 pesos. When I saw it, I fell in love with this shoes too! There’s just that crazy lub dub in my chest whenever I see glamorous shoes. I call this the Diva because I think it is more of a sexy sultry personality.

Oh my! Oh boy! I can’t wait to rock this shoes together with something floral or something neon!

How about you? Which of these two Parisian shoes is more gorgeous? Are you a Diva or are you a Princess? 😉

So that’s it. I am proud to say that I am a Parisian Bride. You can also check SM Department store website for their latest shoes collection.


Tangerine and Teal

Hi guys! This is my outfit when we visited Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija.

Here’s the price of the accessories and stuffs that I am wearing:

Maxi Skirt – I don’t know the price. Surprisingly, it’s from my Grandma! Yes it is :)) hehe. I made some adjustments over the waistline because it’s too loose on me. I like the color so even if it was too big for me, I made some DIY repairs. It’s made of a cotton fabric and it’s really comfortable. If you want to wear a Maxi skirt in a sunny day, make sure that it is made of cotton so you will not get irritated and wish that you should have wear shorts instead.

Tangerine Necklace – It’s from Legally Chinita. If you want to order one, do contact Ms. Jenna. It’s only 150 pesos. Cheap isn’t it? But it really looks elegant. Anyway, it’s how you will wear it. I decided to wear this necklace since I think it suits the color of my maxi skirt.

Tube – it’s thrifted! I bought it for 40 pesos  (1$). It really has a good fit plus I have these fats on my armpit which makes me really cautious on wearing tube or sleeveless blouse. I always make sure that those chubby flabs on my armpit will not be visible.

Sling Bag -I bought this a long time ago. I love using this because it compliments most of my clothes. It’s also thrifted and I bought it for 250 pesos

Belt – got the belt from my old shorts. This belt is one of my favorite belts also. As I go along posting my outfits here at the fashion section of Thrifty Senyorita, you will notice that I always use it 😛 I just find brown thingy as a staple stuff on every outfit I wear. I love the color brown and other earthly colors 😀

Total – 440 pesos (10.7 $). Thrifty isn’t it? 🙂

For more pictures of the views from Pantabangan, click here.