Gatsby Inspired Hair and Make Up


Hi everyone 🙂 Tonight, someone asked me on how to do a Gatsby Inspired Hair and Make Up. I don’t know how to take videos while I am doing my make-up yet but I am hopeful! someday I will eventually be able to do it (I’ve been meaning to do it hehe). I don’t have videos so please bare with me with my step by step instruction.

Make Up


1. For the eyes, If you will watch the movie Great Gatsby, most of the eye shadows they use are dark. I decided to use silver and black eye shadow.

– Using a brown eye liner, create a line over the crease of your eyes. Smudge it to refine the line.

– Apply black eyeshadow over the crease extending to the outer corners of your eyes but leave the inner corner.

– Apply silver eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes.

– Blend the edges of the silver and black liner to make it look natural.

– Apply highlighter or white eye shadow over your brow bones.

– Apply white eye shadow on your water line (if you have Asian eyes like mine) and below it, apply black eye liner. I refrain from using black eye liner for my lower eye lids because it will make my eyes smaller. White eye liner will make my eyes look bigger.

2. Lips


Since we have too much colors going on our eyes, you can choose a nude lip color but if you really want to look like the women from the Great Gatsby film, then choose darker colors like violet, chocolate, dark red lipstick.



I curled the top of portion of my hair only and braided the lower parts and created a rolled bun out of it. The idea is to tuck it in so you will look like you have shorter hair. I got a black lace and wrapped it around my hair. I also found a feather earring and placed it at the side of my head. Hair ornaments during that time are usually feathers, gems, and headbands.



I don’t have any gown so I decided to wear a black top and a black mullet skirt. I found a feathery gloves (hahaha it doesn’t have a pair, for picture taking’s sake, I tried to cover my other hand).

That’s it 🙂 I hope you like it and I promise that next time I will have a video tutorial.




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