No Bake Nutella and Oats Ala Creme

Enough of politics and bickering, it’s time to stimulate those taste buds. Who told you that you can’t come up with a good dessert just because you don’t have an oven at home?  If you don’t have an oven like me (well, that’s on my wish list :), and I hope someone will buy an oven for me hahaha :))), then you should try this No bake recipe.


Patrick’s grandma (Nanay Lily) got home from Paris last October and she got lots of Nutella with her. My brother who just got back from  Amsterdam also brought bottles of nutella and  chocolates. And everyday for one month and half, I have been munching bread with Nutella (hahahaha, I am already sick of eating Nutella). We are down with the last bottle and I feel like I am going to puke already if I will eat another slice of bread with Nutella on it. So I decided to try a No Bake Nutella Recipe. I sneaked into our kitchen and checked what’s on our cabinets. I found these:

  • Quaker Oatmeal Mixed Nuts (The one with raisins, and nuts)
  • Star Margarine
  • Half filled Jar of Nutella

I thought that if I will just mix oats and nutella, it will just taste like a chocolate flavored oat meal (hahaha). I still have some missing ingredients:

  • My all time favorite Graham crackers
  • And of course, the magic cream –  Nestle cream
  • and more nuts!

I asked my husband to go get some crackers and cream from the grocery store. When he arrived, I forgot to ask for the nuts. I asked him if there are some nuts available in the nearby convenient store so he won’t go back to the grocery store again. When he arrived, he got some Happy nuts for me (hahahaha). If you haven’t seen one, this is how it looks like:

IMG_6285Man! I tried different keywords at google search bar to finally find this image. Thanks to And the magic word to find the magic nut is Happy mani na chichiria (chichiria means junk food). Patrick didn’t buy adobo flavor Happy peanuts hehe. It’s just the plain salted happy mani but I still washed (to remove the salt and grease) the nuts and crashed it.

happy 1

So we are done for our ingredients. Let’s summarize it again:

1. 2 tbsp of star margarine

2. 10 tbsp of Nutella (ferrero)

3. 5 packs of Happy Nuts

4.   1 pack of nestle cream (keep this in the freezer for 2 to 3 hours)

5. 1 pack of graham crackers

6. 2 packs of Graham crackers instant oatmeal (mixed nuts with raisins)

7. One egg yolk

These ingredients are good for 16 servings (for pihikans) and 4 to 8 servings (for matatakaws).



1. wipe a small amount of vegetable oil in your mixing bowl (so Nutella won’t stick too much on the bowl).

2. Take 10  tbsp of Nutella

3. Pour half cup of hot water to one pack of instant oatmeal. Set aside the other pack.

4. Mixed nutella, oatmeal, and star margarine.


5. Create a layer of graham crackers on your pan.

6. Pour the mixture of Nutella and oats

7. Layer it again with crackers.

8. Pour the mixture of oats and nutella again.

9. Top it with another layer of crackers.

10. Get one egg and separate the yolk from the white.

11. Mix the yolk with nestle cream.

12. Pour the mixture on top of the last layer of crackers.

13.  Set aside in your freezer for 3 hours or more.

14. Garnish it with happy mani (nuts) hehe, but if you have almonds or cashew nuts – way betterrrrrr!

Final Step: devour that No Bake Nutella Oats Ala Creme (it’s my first time to name a recipe so forgive me for my ambitious attempt hahahaha)


I hope you enjoyed a recipe from a wife who seldom cooks at home.

Much Love,



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