Pregnancy is Sexy: Fashion 101

Pregnancy is sexy, and the more you embrace it, the sexier you become.

Most people say that a woman’s ugliest state is when she becomes pregnant. With all the extra weight, the skin discoloration and other hormonal changes that will affect the way she looks like, who would really say that pregnant women are beautiful? Well, THEY ARE. Being beautiful and sexy does not really have anything to do with fair skin or your curvaceous curves. It has more to do with how you love yourself and become confident on who and what you are. Besides, what can be a more prominent curve than your baby bump, right?


Bumpy is Sexy

Most women do not really have much problem with the first trimester of their pregnancy. The low self-esteem comes right at the 2nd or third trimester where their weight balloons and they are having problems hiding their extra flabs. Instead of wallowing and swimming in the pool of depression, you must embrace the experience and prepare buying new clothes that will showcase your assets.


Outfit # 1

A set of jeans or leggings paired with a shirt that extends up to the thigh is the perfect choice if you want to look beautiful and to feel comfortable at the same time. Also, instead of using a shirt, you may always pick a nice dress that will match well with your leggings. Accessorize by using a belt that is situated just below the bra line. If it’s rainy, use your good old pair of boots to add extra spice on your whole outfit.


Outfit # 2

Nothing can ever beat the usefulness of a maxi dress whether you are hiding your flabs or not. Not only will it make you look sophisticated, but it can also conceal everything you want to hide. If you’re a little worried about your arms, you may use a cardigan that will complement your maxi dress well.


Outfit # 3

If you’re in love with your pencil skirt, there is no need for you to stop as there are ones especially made for moms-to-be. This is best if you want to add extra length on your legs, and you can always use a cardigan with it. Now, if you’re wondering which color to choose, you don’t really need to wear black all the time. You can always play with colors, especially ones that are patterned. This will create an illusion that you are slimmer than you actually are.


Outfit # 4

The last few trimesters is your time to make love with your scarf. Even if it is a below the knee dress or your jeans paired with a simple top and a jacket, your scarf will draw all the attention away from your baby bump. Also, do not forget to accessorize and mix and match.



The Shoes

Although you may use high-heeled shoes at the first few months of your pregnancy, it is best that you avoid wearing them at the later stages to avoid fatigue. Aside from flats, flip flops and sneakers, you can also wear flat boots to assure comfort without sacrificing style.



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