The Right Shoes

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” — Marilyn Monroe

Women naturally love shoes and there is no need to wonder why. Marilyn Monroe was right, all that a woman needs is the right pair of shoes—the shoes that can accompany her through thick and thin. The pair that can uplift her spirits and make her more confident with whatever she has to face throughout the days of her life.

No matter how we look at it, our shoes greatly affect our performance and mood. If your shoes are too small or you heels are too high, your feet will be in great discomfort and it will affect your posture and the way you face other people. Even though you might have gazillions of pairs at home, there are must-keeps. What most women fail to realize is that they don’t have to invest in so many pairs of shoes since all they need are 5 to get by with style.

The Pumps

Who wouldn’t keep a pair of these gorgeous and versatile babies? If you still got no pumps, you better start looking for one now. The most wearable are black or neutral pumps. They can be used on a daily basis without causing your feet too much discomfort. Also, they are best for working girls who are just too tired of wearing their all-time high stilettos. If your pumps would be used for working days, it’s best that you buy one that is only 2-inch high.

The Flats

Flats are best whenever you are feeling dainty and you want to wear a dress. Bright-coloured flats would add extra bites on your whole outfit, and the best thing about flats is that they do not cause much pressure on your feet since they are in the resting position. However, look for one that can provide enough cushioning for your feet.

The Strappy Heels

Once you get invited to a formal gathering, you really need your good old pair of strappy heels. They are best for parties and occasions, and they will surely give you the confidence you need to stand out and be the apple of every Adam’s eyes.

The Sneakers

No matter how bad you are at sports, you really need a pair of sneakers. They are not only handy for your out-of-this-world trips that require you to be physically active, but they can also be your best friend once you decide that you want to modify your lifestyle and start going to the gym.

The Slip-Ons

Nowadays flip-flops seem to be the new high-heeled shoes as you can see pedestrians everywhere wearing their favourite pair. However, these darlings should not be used, especially if you are going to jog, run, or even play basketball. Originally, they were made for you to use whenever you’re beside the beach or at the side of the pool. Since this is the case, they do not give you the support and cushioning your feet require whenever you need to do physical sports.



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