How to Fake a Beach Wave Hairstyle

Beach wave is no doubt the favourite hairstyle among girls during summer. This hairstyle is basically a result of the humidity and activities during summer. But exposing the hair with this harsh weather may not be appealing to many. Other girls may want to achieve the beachy wave tresses but are afraid on the risk of damaging it.

With the right tools and hair products, it is now recreated in many different techniques by girls who are bored with simple straight hair and with less damage than actually having it the regular way. So now, let us start discussing on how to achieve this fun and sexy tousled hair look so you can be appropriately stylish during the summer.

You can begin working with your hair the night before you want to go with a beachy wave hairstyle. First you need a fresh shampooed hair. Then give it a dollop of mousse or hair texturizer so that the effect will last for a long time. Next, part your hair in equal portions and create a neat, tight braid in each and every section. If you want to ensure that the braid will do the trick, apply another dollop of your mousse or texturizer after you finish braiding your hair.

After you have applied the styling product, it is up to you if you want to sleep with your hair wet, or blow it dry first. If you wish to sleep with wet hair, bear in mind that wet hair is more prone to damage and breakage. But the effect of not drying your hair is a more polished and refined waves in the morning. Once you have decided on what to do, then you can now have your beauty sleep and let the transformation of your hair take effect.

If you want a more volumized hair with really good texture, try raiding your hair into finer braids. Create many smaller sections of hair to braid so that the curls will be more defined. But if you want large, romantic waves, chunkier section of braids is the way to go. With either looks, make it certain that the braids you do is neat, tight and even so that the end result of the pleating will look nice.

In the morning, allow more time for the waves to set by simply doing your morning routine. Then all you have to do next is to unravel your braids and run your fingers to loosen your hair a bit. You can opt to use a detangling spray or leave your hair with no styling products at all if you want bouncier waves. Excessive styling products can weigh down your hair and may lessen the waviness of your beachy hairstyle.

Make sure that the crown area is not flat. The waves that your braids created may not reach the roots of your hair resulting to a flatten crown. Lift your roots with a teasing comb and spray a volumizing product so that some definition is added to the top of your head.

For girls who have short bangs, it would be hard to include it into your braids. So you might as well swept it into one side or pin it up with a little pouf. You can also use a curling iron to lightly create waves at the ends and to add some volume to it.


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