For One Hot Momma: Great Makeover Ideas All New Moms Would Love

Having a baby will certainly turn your whole world upside down. Since you have to attend to various feeding times plus survive all those sleepless nights, there is certainly not enough time for you to care about what you look like. All the stress will surely leave you looking like a mess.

However, being a new mom should not have to make you feel low and look ugly. With just some simple beauty tricks, feeling and looking good is certainly within your reach. If you wish to feel and look like your old self (even better), all you need to do is to give yourself just an inscy wincy makeover. Here are simple tips on making you look like hot momma!

Say Goodbye To Loose and Baggy Clothes

It is true that one should be comfortable in what you wear. It is natural that you will feel a bit fat after giving birth to your child. However, you should not just let yourself looking like a mess. Keep in mind that even though it is comfortable, shapeless outfits will surely not bring any wonders to your womanly figure. Since you are no longer pregnant, there is no need for you to wear your maternity clothes. Once you have given birth, these clothes should be stashed in the storage.

If you wish to look good but you would not wish to sacrifice comfort, then it is best that you opt for bold and attention catching colored tops. Another great fashion tip to make you look a lot slimmer than you feel is to wear blouses with V-neck line.

Make Use of Lip Plumper and Eye Makeup To Bring Out Your Beauty

When it comes to applying makeup, less is more. In order to hide your blemishes and to even out your skin tone, a light concealer is highly recommended.

They say that the eyes is the window to our soul. If you wish to bring out the beauty of your eyes, try dotting a brown eyeliner on the lower and upper lid to do the trick.

Another face feature that you must highlight is your lips. If you are used to putting on makeup, a light shade of lipstick would do. On the other hand, a light gloss will surely be your best bet if you wish to go au naturale. On the other hand, nothing would make your lip gorgeous better than a lip plumper. With a lip plumper, your lips will certainly look a lot gorgeous and sexy. You can easily achieve the lips that your husband will surely love to kiss.

Change Your Hairstyle

We all know that our hair is our crowning glory. This is why finding and getting the best haircut for your feature is the best makeover you can ever do to yourself. If you are not yet ready for a big change, changing hair color, going on a trim, adding some layers or opting for bangs are your best options.

With all these tips, you are sure to get visible results. Rest assured, all these will make your husband and family members notice you in a good way!


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