Timber Flooring – What You Need To Know

There are numerous advantages that timber flooring can deliver to your home. It is important to learn more about timber flooring if you will decide to use this type of flooring in your home. Timber floor that is well taken care of can last for decades and it is also easy to maintain and give your home an elegant look. It is not like carpets that are very hard to clean and it doesn’t retain dust mites which can cause allergies to people. There are many ways to clean the timber floor, you can use bleach or a damp mop to wipe away spillage. Another good thing about timber floor is its versatility. Because of this, you can easily decorate the floor with various potentials. Many known experts recommend this type of flooring for those people who like to redesign their home occasionally. You can also avail protective finishes to keep your timber floor from safe from sun-bleaching.

It is also good to know that timber floors get tougher and harder over time. If you are an environmentalist, timber floors are a good choice because it is eco-friendly as it encourages planting more tree in the forest as a replacement. The timbers used for flooring are harvested carefully in the forest while some are recycled. Another good advantage of timber floor is the warmth it brings to your home, not like the stone floors that feels cold on bare feet. There are also timber floors installed with radiant heating that is perfect for winter. It is not slippery even when it is wet.

A lot of people choose timber because of its benefits and character. Timber floors hold numerous burls, pretty knots and variations which makes it more Interesting. There are different designs you use to make the floor more appealing. You can also add wooden pegs as well as popular butterfly wedges to timber floors. There are two types of timber floors; the first one is the hardwood while the other is softwood. Hardwood timbers are the most common type of timber used for flooring and it comes from deciduous trees. The softwood comes from coniferous trees. Oak trees are one of the most popular hardwood timbers because it last longer than other trees. There are also other popular hardwood timber floors you can use such as beech, walnut and maple. You can also find pricey softwood trees like mahogany and teak.

Like any other kinds of flooring, timber flooring has its own disadvantages. It is important to keep the timber floor moisture free as it will deteriorate its life. Make sure that it is properly installed and always use damp cloth to clean it. A dry and well ventilated home is ideal for timber woods. You should also do a regular maintenance to keep your timber flooring in good condition. Another primary downside is the cost of timber flooring. It is more expensive that other types of floor. Another thing, you cannot use timber flooring in your bathroom because of its sensitivity to moisture and humidity.


Joyce Del Rosario is a home blogger from Quality Floors, one of the most trusted company offering floor care and maintenance.


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