The Senyorita’s Guide on Things to Bring When Travelling

The long walks, the exquisite cuisine, the long beaches, the shopping escapades—whether you are visiting a tropical country or a fine city like Paris or London, it is truly undeniable that traveling opens the door to many of the world’s wonder. However, there are many factors that can either be a bridge or a hindrance in experiencing the best out of your trip, and one is traveling light.

Surely, you have heard of the importance of traveling light and packing only the things that you would need. Nevertheless, this principle is still not perfected by many travellers, and the results are most often than not disastrous. Now, if you are visiting a tropical country, you don’t really have to bring your whole wardrobe. Instead, there are a few things you might want to include on your list.


There is no denying that once you travel to a tropical country, you must be prepared for that beautiful and often scorching sun. However, although you are dying to have those crazy tan lines, you must still protect your skin and wear a sunscreen with the highest SPF possible. This way, you’d be protected for longer hours, and you’d be saved from the hassle of constantly re-applying SPF.

Bathing Suits

This is your chance to show off your curves! Definitely, you wouldn’t want to leave your two-piece behind when visiting those magnificent beaches, and this is why you need to put this on top of your list. Also, since I am quite sure you’d be spending more than a day out on the beach, it is very cost-effective that you buy reversible swimsuits. This way, you’d not only save a few dollars, but you’d also save some space on your luggage.


Surely, there is no need for you to wear your high-heeled shoes once you set foot on that white and fine sand. The best thing for you to bring on an outing like this is a pair of flip-flops—a pair can keep you going for hours, minus the stressed calf and aching feet. And if it’s not really crazy hot outside, you might want to just walk barefoot.

Cottony Clothes

If you are planning to pack your sweatshirts with you, then you might want to scratch that idea. Since you are visiting a tropical country, you wouldn’t need those heavily-furred jackets and coats. Instead, you would have to pick clothes which are light and easy to wear.

Sunnies and a Bandana

A simple bandana can go a long way as it can serve as either a big handkerchief that can protect you from dust or an accessory you can use for your hair and neck. Sunglasses, on the other hand, would be your cover up just in case you want to hide those big and fluffy eyebags and you do not have enough time to wear make-up.


Who travels without a camera, anyway?When traveling anywhere is the world, never forget your friendly and most-trusted camera. As a traveller, it is important that you keep your escapades documented and the best thing to do that is to say cheese a pose for a few shots!

About the Author:

Janella Giselle Domingo is a travel ambassador and blogger from Jurnii’s Rv Rentals.They offer cruises from melbourne and other services. Aside from blogging, she is also currently employed as a Chief Pharmacist at Wesleyan University Hospital and Cardiovascular Center.Despite of her busy schedule as a Chief Pharmacist, she never forgets to indulge in her wanderlust. Connect with her at facebook or drop a line at


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