The Philippines—The Asian Beach Hub!

The tropical heat, the spectacular beaches, and the local cuisine—those are just some of the things that make the Philippines a vacation hub for travellers, young and old. And the perks of visiting this country do not stop there as you can experience all these and more at a very low price. Even though feuds may have risen the past few years between the Philippines and its neighbouring countries, you should never overlook the fact that its islands are flooded with magnificent beaches that you may never have in your wildest dreams imagine. Truly, the Philippines is a paradise and you should not dare die until you set your foot upon its islands.


Boracay, located in the western part of Visayas, continue to surge as one of the top beaches of vacationers both locally and internationally.This island stretches up to 7-kilometres long, and throughout the years, more and more investors have joined efforts to beautify this beach and turn it into a top tourist attraction. If you are a party-goer and a beach fanatic, you can never go wrong withBoracay as alongside its shore are restaurants and bars where you can party all night long.

Also, there are many night activities especially coordinated by the locals. During the summer, you would witness entertainers dancing with fire, and the likes. Aside from Filipino delicacies, other cuisines are also available on their menus.

El Nido

If you think Palawan is all about Puerto Prinsesa and Coron, then you got it all wrong! El Nido, situated north of Palawan, is not only famous for its wonderful beaches, but for its amazing limestone formations as well. Surely, not only will beach lovers, but also mountain climbers and sports extremist will enjoy this gorgeous island.


Anyone who wishes to visit Pagudpud is definitely in for an adventure of a lifetime. Its sceneries would definitely leave you at awe, especially since the white-sand beaches and the blue waters seem to have magically united on this island.It is at the top part of Luzon, which means that you have to ready yourself for the long travel hours if you wish to visit from Metro Manila.

Southern Negros

Are you craving for that all-time backpacking adventure? Then book a ticket to Dumaguete! Apo Island, just a few kilometers away from the airport, absolutely assures you of a diving experience like no other. Over the years, it is recognized as one of the best diving areas in the Philippines, and the thrill doesn’t stop there as its villas and accommodation are friendly to backpackers. Not only is Apo Island the only reason why you need to book that trip now, but islands such as Sugar Beach and Tambobo Bay will guarantee you serenity and a trip away from the traffic jams and city living.

There is really no need to search elsewhere as the Philippines definitely has the best there is to offer when it comes to beaches and islands. Not only are these spots worth your every penny, but you would also undeniably fall in love with itsculture and its locals.



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