Selecting a Comfortable Footwear


  1. When selecting an office shoes you should opt to a low heel pumps which is about two and half inches or less. You should remember that the higher the heels the more pressure your toe will experience.
  2. Shoes that fit your foot size well will give you a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Never settle for size 7 or 8 if your true foot size is 7 and ½ inches. Always ask the store if they have half sizes, if they don’t, might as well look for another store.
  3. Comfortable footwear usually comes with lower heels. Lower pump heels promote good and firm heel grip, thus it will give extra support to your mid-sole. The likelihood to feel pain is very low.
  4. Shoes that have sole cushions and shock absorption features provide extreme comfort to the feet even for a long walk.
  5. Shoes with broader and profounder toe shape give a comfortable fit on your foot. Having a larger room for your toes will avoid them from pinching or too much constriction.
  6. Most of wedge shoes are more comfortable than those of pointed heels shoes. Wedge shoes help in body weight distribution towards to your feet, thus, the force needed to keep your balance becomes lesser.
  7. Padded shoes or cushioned shoes support the normal shape of your feet. It will prevent more pressure to go in your toe ball area.
  8. Synthetics shoes are sometimes not a very good choice in buying shoes. Most synthetics shoes promote high sole constrictions leading to callouses and foot burns. Also, synthetic shoes do not give enough air flow inside; therefore, your feet are locked down and will surely sweat.
  9. Most of the comfortable shoes are costly. Well, we should always pay for our own comfort. Why let are feet suffer if we can afford a comfortable one, right?
  10. Also, most of the comfortable shoes are not found in the shoe section of the department store. There are outlets outside the department stores that offer variety of fashionable and trendy comfortable shoes.



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