Mix, Laugh and Live: Bars and Culture

Ever been obsessed to partying all-night long and drinking till dawn? Well, in case you have turned your back on this fascination and you are now a changed man/woman, let’s just explore some of the best pubs and bars around the globe which would definitely add more colour and life to your future escapades. Well, occasional drinking isn’t really that bad after all, is it?

There is more to visiting bars and pubs than what meets the eye. When touring a different country, paying a visit to their well-known bars will open doors for you to meet locals and to experience their culture first hand. If you think bars are just liquor hubs and strobe lights, then think again!

Rise Above

Are you feeling all dressed up for a Martini? Then, Rise, situated at Ritz Carlton, U.S.A, would definitely be worth your visit as it is not only famous for its alcoholic beverages, but it also offers diners the chance to relish on the magnificent view of the Hudson River. The beverages may be a little bit pricey, but definitely, you’d surely enjoy the elegant ambience of this well-known bar.

Videoke Time

Anytime is videoke time for Filipinos, that’s for sure. Videoke bars are very abundant in almost all parts of the Philippines, and this is just evidence of how Filipinos love to sing their heart outs. Now, if you are expecting ballet shows and orchestra, well, the Philippine karaoke bars may not be the best option for you. Glasses of ice-cold beer, singers belting out their favourite songs and pure, clean fun minus the sophistication—those are what you would absolutely experienceand enjoy in the Philippines.

United Arab Emirates

Never thought that there could begood bars inside UAE? Then, you must be mistaken. A number of bars in Dubai are up until morning and if you just want to drink various liquors all night, then no problemo, mi amigo! These bars would be more than happy to serve you. If you’re just near Le Meridian hotel, never forget to drop by Barasti—the favourite hang-out of laid-back tourists. The best thing about this bar is that you don’t have to dress to impress. If you suddenly feel the urge to grab a few cocktails, you may do so even with your loose shirt on.


Germany—a place where almost everybody drinks! Yes, throughout the years, drinking seems to be a part of the culture of Germans, and there is really no wonder why a lot of bars and pubs are famous in this beautiful country. However, if you would like to visit one of the best bars here, then, you might as well order a few shots at Prater, located in Berlin. This beer garden will truly entice you with its relaxing atmosphere. Ever dreamt of drinking under decade-old trees? Now is your chance!

Truly, pubs and bars are also reflections of the long-established traditions and culture of societies. Through visiting these places, you are not only able to run away from it all and unwind, but you are also given the chance to mingle, laugh, and mix in with the locals.



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