Thrifty Travel Tips: Wander like a Nomad

No electricity, absent technology and traveling barefoot—that’s how they rock the planet during the earlier periods. It may be obscure, but I’ve always tried to envision how it is to live as a nomad, and sometimes, I get this really crazy feeling of wanting to try to do things the way they did. Although the perks brought about by the wonders of technology are absent, life back then was simpler—no money needed, just pure skills.

Now, it’s not really possible to relieve the old times, and I bet if there is any chance to, over 90% of the population would highly detest forsaking what we have right now for a less complicated life. However, while you are still young, isn’t it best that you try to be wild and free as well? Come on, you only get to spend 2 or 3 decades to live your life to the fullest, so why not do it in the most exciting and budget-friendly way?

Travel by Foot

Well, you don’t really have to walk barefoot to perfect this simple step. To fully enjoy your traveling experience, walking instead of using public transportation will not only save you a couple of dollars, but it will also open doors for you to mix and blend in with the locals, and who would know, you might also find hidden treasures along the way.

Often times, travellers are too focused on the tourist spots most highlighted by the country they are visiting. Walking, on the other hand, would open you to more possibilities of finding hidden gems that only the locals know of.

Thrifty Dishes

Even though it is true that most well-known restaurants offer good food, it would not hurt if you try out the local cuisines in less-exquisite food hubs. Befriending the locals would really benefit you on your traveling experience as they basically know where the good food is. Likewise, trying out street foods will not hurt either. Additionally, you only live once so you might as well try tasting exotic foods which you have never fancied eating.

Plan in Advance

Booking early would absolutely save you more than a penny, and if you have failed to do so, then it’s time that you unleash the gambler within you by buying last minute tickets. Aside from this, you have to research for the best and cheapest accommodation available on your scheduled date. Now, if you think it’s time for you to elicit your adventurous streak, then, go ahead and look for a beach. Wander. And when the night crawls in, set up a tent.

Travel with Friends

While traveling with your family is not a pocket-friendly idea if you are considered the breadwinner, traveling with your friends will not only assure you of fantastic day and night-outs, but your travel expenses would also be cut because everything will be split into the number of your group. See? Not only do you get to share chores and engage in the wildest activities possible, thanks to your crazy friends, but your chances of going home penniless will also be triply reduced.



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