Be guided before going to Singapore

One of the leading  countries in South East Asia. Singapore is known to be a green, clean and efficient country.  Truly Singapore is a very expensive place, that is why it is very important that you have enough money before planning to visit the country.  For travelers proper information and knowledge about the destination is a must.

We should know and remember that for every country they have their own rules and regulations, beliefs and tradition, religion and customs. And as a foreigner, we are considered an alien in another country,we should be aware  with their policies and we should strictly follow all of their rules. Singapore is a very lovely place to visit, but be sure that before flying you are guided by their policy and rules. Here are some guides for you to remember.

Money – all countries have their different currency, for the country of Singapore they are using Singapore dollar. Don’t you worry if you forgot to bring their currency, you can will be able to find money changing shops at the airport and shopping malls. On the other hand if you don’t have cash, you can definitely use your ATM and international credit cards.

Mobile – before flying make sure that you know the dialing code of Singapore which is +65. Make sure also that you know the emergency number to be called in case something happened.

Weather – the weather will be hot and humid. So don’t take with you your winter clothes. J

Tax refund – as we all know Singapore is one of the best place to go for shopping. While doing your shopping galore stuff always look for the logo “tax refund” and make sure to spend 100 SG for a single receipt then surely you can avail this scheme.

Chewing Gum is not allowed – well this is only a hearsay, you can still enjoy your chewing gum as long as you will dispose it properly. Otherwise if they will catch you throwing it everywhere surely you will be punished.

NO smoking – if you’re a chain smoker then prepare yourself, as Singapore does not allow Smoking in public places. Sure you can still smoke, but there are designated smoking areas for you. Those smoking areas are marked with yellow paint. And be sure to throw your cigarette buts in the proper place. Don’t think that nobody will see you, they have so many installed cameras to catch you. And when you get caught make sure you have 1000 SG dollars as payment for your offense made.

Make sure also that you will not bring cigarettes in your baggage, otherwise you will also need to pay the fine.

Maintain the cleanliness and the green environment of Singapore!



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