Enjoy and explore the wonderful places in Australia

One of the best tourist spot in the whole world, also known to be as the Kangaroos land. Famous because it is one of the continents and also because of its natural wonders. You can find everything in Australia,  it goes in one package. From the natural wonders to the latest trend of technology, name it and you will find it here in Australia.

Let the kangaroos and koala bears welcome you  in their  fabulous  place. Australia will be the best place for your vacation.  Want to know why? Here are some reasons why you should choose Australia.

  • Great Barrier Reef – included in the seven natural wonders of the world. You will surely enjoy the amazing numbers of the largest coral reef in the whole world. It is composed of 900 island and 2, 900 coral reefs…amazing isn’t it?  Because of the clear water, you can also enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving in this area. Other than the amazing large coral you will surely love to see unique fishes that you will not find anywhere.
  • Sydney Harbor – Sydney is the one of the best place to visit in Australia. Considered to be the best tourist spot of  the country.  There are so many attractions that you can find in Sydney, but the Sydney Harbor Bridge and The Sydney Opera House is the most famous of them all.

Sydney Opera house – Even if  you haven’t seen Australia,  I am pretty sure that you have seen this Opera house in photographs especially on some postcards. With its unique design “white shell domed” you will definitely remember it. Most of the grand tours, concerts and theatre productions are held in this place.

Sydney harbor bridge – known as “ the Coathanger”, a steel arch structure that can accommodate 2 railways tracks, 7 lanes of traffic, 1 cycle lane and a footpath.

  • Melbourne – one of populated city in Australia, Melbourne is known to be the largest city of Victoria. In this city you can find the State library, The parliament house, the Melbourne town hall and so much more. And if you want to go for shopping, Melbourne is the best place which can satisfy your desire. Simply because it is the shopping capital of the country.
  • Uluru – well known by its previous name the Ayres rock, also a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. But take note that there is a curfew for this place! You can also visit at around 7 in the morning till 6 in the evening and you should be above 16 years old.
  • Great Ocean Road – your vacation will be incomplete if you will not see the fabulous view of the the ocean road.  This is built in respect of the soldiers who fought during the World War I. Another important thing to see is the “ twelve apostles” characterized by 12 stones.

Be sure to see these amazing places in Australia! Have fun!



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