Discover the heaven located on earth: Amanpulo

People do easily get tired because of their hectic schedules and stressful events. And we all know that once we get tired and stress, our mind and body will suffer a lot. Once were stress our mind can’t function normally, our immunity will decrease resulting  in sickness and depression. Thus it is imperative that once in a while we must pause and relax.

Give me a break!! Your mind and body is shouting already! Even cars and machine need to stop so as much for human. Recreation and getaways can surely help you forget your stress even for a while. Looking for a paradise which you can hide and be away temporarily from your busy schedule? Want to relax and have a complete peace of mind? Then Amanpulo,Philippines will be the best place where you can find inner peace for your mind and soul.

Peaceful place which is located in the island of  Pamalican, a private island near Palawan.  An hour away from the city of Manila, considered to be the most private resort in the Island of the Philippines. Because of its exclusiveness, don’t be surprised that your stay will be luxurious. Still don’t have enough idea for Amanpulo? See and believe!

Accommodation –  you will be surely amazed with those Bahay Kubo inspired little houses also known as “Casitas”. Designed with large bedrooms and wood floors. Never worry because the bathroom is made up of marble stones, to top it all, a comfortable sun deck is provided to make you relax and think for a while.

If you’re worrying that you may not be able to explore the whole island, don’t you worry they have this golf cart that you can use to discover the amazing island.

Clubhouse – you will surely love the clubhouse which has an overview of the swimming pool and the sea. It will not be a problem if you’re a foreigner and you’re looking for a certain food, they offers  a wide range of dishes from all over the world. Because the place is near the sea, expect that they will offer you a lot of seafood dishes.

In case that you want your body to be pampered, they’re also offering a great spa which is done in an open air. It is technically designed to be in an open air so that people can be relaxed and enjoy the amazing view of the island.

Sports- if you’re a sport minded person, your vacation will never be dull while you’re in Amanpulo.  You will surely enjoy water sports such as snorkeling and diving. And don’t worry for the diving equipments, there is a dive shop which offers equipments for diving , they do also offer diving courses and trips. Windsurfing can also be done on the eastern part of the island.

These are only a few of the amazing things that you can find and enjoy while in Amanpulo, Palawan. So better see it for yourself and enjoy!!


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