A must to remember before going to KSA

KSA short of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an Arab Islamic country which is located in the Middle East. Most of the people either man nor woman, once they reached the land of KSA definitely they will have a bit of culture shock especially if that will be the the first time for them to travel. Like a person who have a unique personality, almost all of the countries have their own culture and beliefs that needs to be followed.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has their own beliefs, customs, religions, practices and traditions, and every one of should respect those factors. Unlike other countries, Saudi Arabia is considered the most strict and conservative place. Thus, the foreign national should follow their rules and regulations otherwise they will be in Jail. So if you’re planning to go for a visit or for a work to Saudi Arabia you should always keep in mind the following rules.

Never ever carry or eat pork –  carrying and eating  pork is strictly prohibited in an Islamic country. It was clearly stated in their holy book or the Qu’ran that pork should not be eaten as it is harmful for a person’s body. So before leaving your country and traveling to Saudi Arabia or other part of the middle east be sure that you have enjoyed the pork already.

Alcohol – in other countries alcohol consumption is very much allowed, then not in Saudi Arabia. Any kind of beverage which has alcoholic contents is strictly prohibited in the country. Harm to the Islam religion. So if you’re a drinker then leave it and don’t bring that attitude in KSA.

Religion – in Saudi Arabia it is not allowed to practice your own religion. There is a certain place in KSA that there is a Catholic Church and you can find it in Aramco Company Dammam. But technically there should be only one religion to be practiced in KSA and this is ISLAM.

Illegal drugs – as the word stated it is “illegal”. Not only in Saudi Arabia but in every part of the world. But because KSA is a strict country if you were caught to have this type of drug surely the cost will be your life.

PDA- if you’re in a relationship or married, displaying of affection in public is certainly not allowed in this country. Don’t worry you can still do it privately J

Censored materials – avoid bringing pornographic materials, surely you will be in jailed if you will be caught.

Proper dress code – remember females you’re not in your  own country, for females in Saudi Arabia they are required to wear an ABAYA and a Hijab. It is again stated in the holy qu’ran that women should not reveal any parts of their body to avoid temptation for men.

These are just simple reminders, never forget these and your travel to Saudi Arabia will be meaningful!



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