Traveling and Thrifty I

The best things in life are free—well, not really because whether we like it or not, traveling requires MONEY. However, leisure does not really have to come extravagantly, especially since we can travel around the globe without breaking a piggy bank. Although society dictates that we need this and that when traveling, the primary factor you need to consider when traveling is knowing the huge difference between needs and wants.

travel_tips-300x189Various Internet sites give viewers crazy tips about travel essentials, but in reality, most of what they post on the Internet are just a form of advertisement, so before you get hooked by fancy tags and colourful passport books, ask yourself if you really need these items, or if you are just going to throw away your money. Also, one thing that can aid you in traveling conveniently and making the most of your trip is packing light. A heavy luggage is a burden when traveling and believe it or not, half of what you pack, you don’t really need.

The Peak of Spending

Traveling during peak seasons will assure you that regular prices will skyrocket. To avoid this, traveling off peak is your best option. Also, there are deals on varying Internet sites that will help you avail discounts, especially for accommodation. However, be very careful with the sites you pick as some may promise more than what they can deliver.

Extravagantly Popular

Cities definitely have their own specialties and delicacies. However, some popular restaurants may offer these dishes at a very high price. Picnics and pica-picas will surely help you save more and it will promote family bonding.


Fares take a huge portion of your budget and if you really want to make the most out of your traveling experience, walking will not only let you save but it will also let you savour the country you are exploring. Furthermore, it will give you the chance to experience the culture more and to meet locals.

No to Expensive Souvenirs

When traveling, you’re not really there to shop till you drop unless you are a millionaire or you’re traveling to shop for business purposes. There are department stores where you can buy items at a relatively cheaper price. Usually, souvenir shops sell items at very expensive prices since they think that travellers are worth a million bucks.

Tip Me Minimal

Giving tips is an effort to make workers feel that they are appreciated, but if you’re really trying to cut down your expenses, avoid giving out too much tip. It’s the thought that counts anyway.

Art and Zero Fees

In the early days, museums may be the most boring place you can ever be. However, with the latest technological spin-offs, museums have now evolved to become not only places for education, but for entertainment as well. When you are in a particular country, visiting a museum would not only be a great way for you to know more about the country you have visited, but there are also exhibitions you can definitely enjoy. The best thing about museums is that most of them do not require an entrance fee.



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