Baby Bump – The Sexiest Curve that a Woman Can Have

I’m getting bigger 😀 I am one humongous fat but happy mama. haha Oh my, I really don’t know what happened to my weight. From 50 kilos I am now almost 75 kilos. I can’t wait to see my baby blake dimitri and at the same time, I can’t wait to get in shape again. bahahaha :))) I wonder if my old friends will still recognize me. I have changed a lot. I look like Princess Fiona in the movie Shrek. Thanks to the aid of makeup, I can still strike a pose. Anyway, all the stretch marks, fat, pimples, and backaches that I have suffered from are all fro my precious little one. There’s nothing more precious than the thought of being a mom.

Come to think of it, two years ago, I see life as a complete meaningless cycle. An everyday routine of working, waking up, and waiting for problems to get solved. I wasn’t afraid to die during those days. I am a selfish wanderer living on my own. Even if I don’t have Blake yet, a lot of things have changed already (not only my physical appearance ahaha) but also the way I look at life 🙂

58915_4117699120758_127557291_n 64197_4117695080657_133366442_n 64488_4117697400715_12036195_n 65657_4149466674927_456009015_n 67980_4117696040681_60244102_n 149196_4117697520718_1464942658_n 163496_4149459834756_1047439272_n 310875_4149463074837_1514100174_n 387237_4151479885256_1688295691_n 404694_4149464074862_1922744792_n 406978_4149461594800_1638964821_n 420729_4149474475122_2069937872_n 524166_4117692440591_890562418_n 526596_4117691440566_1835321956_n 528213_4149461154789_597845662_n 539686_4117694560644_562625416_n 922694_4149460274767_477641669_n 922993_4149461274792_466470389_n 935386_4149463354844_1713317021_n 936822_4149473875107_1083264005_n


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