Topiaries And Gardens – How To Set Up Your Own Without Breaking A Bank

Doesn’t seeing a lovely garden make your day? I mean, gardens and topiaries have their own way of calming you down and bringing a smile in your face that it makes you want to jump the gun and set up one for yourself.

If you feel the same way and are in fact wanting to set up your own garden, then you’re definitely in the right place. I’ll share with you some tips on how to setup topiaries and gardens without breaking a bank.

Trust me it’s easy as pie! You don’t need to be on a high budget just to set up topiaries and gardens. There’s a way for you to set up one the economical and least expensive way.

How exactly do you do that..?

Here goes…

  • Set up your garden gradually


Who said that you have to complete your garden in one go?

You can set up a garden progressively and buy your topiaries one at a time so as to avoid spending a lump sum just to have a  garden.

If you do this, you’ll be able to appreciate your garden even more. You’ll have enough time to appreciate each element allowing them to sink in little by little instead of being bombarded one time with all the things that are happening in your garden.

You will also come to realize that your garden already looks superb as it already is and might not need to add your accessories to it.

This then allows you to fully appreciate what you have and save some money instead of spending it on more garden accessories.

  • CAREFULLY PLAN for the layout


The phrase above being in caps and bolded is no accident. Careful planning can actually make or break your budget.

Failing to plan what you want your garden to look like, your budget, layout and the type of accessories you’d like to add can get you in a lot of financial trouble.

Without a plan, you’ll most likely send more than you should be spending or spend less and end-up unhappy with how your garden looks. That said planning is something that you simply cannot take lightly.

Here are a few things that you need to consider when planning for the layout:

  • The color of the plants versus the paint color that your house has. Does it compliment each other?
  • The kind of ambiance you want your garden to emanate. Do you want it to have a fun and exciting ambience or should it be screaming RELAXATION all over.
  • What’s the garden’s purpose? Is it for your kids to play on, just for aesthetics, exercise, etc.

Whatever you find in the stores that will provide you with your garden accessories that doesn’t match any of your plans or targets, don’t even think about buying it.

That’s one of the main reasons why you are planning. To have control and strategically get the things that you want in a garden. Letting your impulse take over will surely get you tons of headaches.

  • Research online for garden accessory providers


There are hundreds of reasons why you should do your research online versus going to their actual store.

For one, it’s a lot more convenient because you can avoid travelling or perhaps heavy traffic…

It’s also cheaper online. You’ll be amazed at how the price range varies. This has something to do with the competition online being so tight. Unlike the competition in a traditional sense, most people would just go for garden services that are closest to their area. The business owners know this which makes them confident that they have lesser competition and can price their products comparatively higher.

But if you go online, boundaries are broken. You can see their competition’s pricing even if they’re miles apart. You can also make arrangements with their competitions when it comes to transportation fees making it VERY possible for you to deal with them even if they’re so far away.

You can bet your family jewels that your local gardening store is aware of that too! That’s why they price things online a bit differently (cheaper and with special offers).

  • Using your old furnitures


A common mistake that newbies who like to set up their own garden is thinking that they need to buy something new for it.

If you’ve been working with your garden or (a garden for that matter) you should already know that there are a lot of indigenous materials that you can use to beautify your garden. One of which is your old furnitures.

You can add your old tables and chairs in your garden. One of my most favorite are bookshelves. I tried using my bookshelves in my garden and boy did it fit perfectly!

You just have to do some minor repairs or paint jobs just to make your old furnitures sturdy enough. If however it’s still sturdy and the color fits nicely, then you can leave it as it is and use it in your garden right then and there.

Doing this prevents you from purchasing another accessory for your garden.

  • Asking your friends for help instead of hiring a contractor


There are times when in setting up your garden, all you have to do are some basic lifting and shoveling. In cases like this when special skills aren’t really needed. What you can do is ask for your friends help instead.

You can “bribe” them with some beer or perhaps a night party once everything’s set up. Since you know your friends and you know EXACTLY what they find irresistible, you can use this to your advantage.

You’d be amazed at how cooperative your friends will be (at least I was).

That said, don’t even think about hiring someone immediately, try to work within your means and you’ll surely be able to make it work.

Amazing isn’t it?

With the use of these tips, setting up your topiaries and your garden doesn’t have to be expensive. These will help you get more and pay less with the help of working with the things that are within your means.

It’s your turn!

If you had your share of setting-up your garden and topiaries, I urge you to share your ideas in the comments section below. Sharing your best practices in setting up your own garden and topiaries will surely benefit others as they read through the comments. I’d love to hear from you as well. I hope to hear from you soon!



Traveling and Thrifty I

The best things in life are free—well, not really because whether we like it or not, traveling requires MONEY. However, leisure does not really have to come extravagantly, especially since we can travel around the globe without breaking a piggy bank. Although society dictates that we need this and that when traveling, the primary factor you need to consider when traveling is knowing the huge difference between needs and wants.

travel_tips-300x189Various Internet sites give viewers crazy tips about travel essentials, but in reality, most of what they post on the Internet are just a form of advertisement, so before you get hooked by fancy tags and colourful passport books, ask yourself if you really need these items, or if you are just going to throw away your money. Also, one thing that can aid you in traveling conveniently and making the most of your trip is packing light. A heavy luggage is a burden when traveling and believe it or not, half of what you pack, you don’t really need.

The Peak of Spending

Traveling during peak seasons will assure you that regular prices will skyrocket. To avoid this, traveling off peak is your best option. Also, there are deals on varying Internet sites that will help you avail discounts, especially for accommodation. However, be very careful with the sites you pick as some may promise more than what they can deliver.

Extravagantly Popular

Cities definitely have their own specialties and delicacies. However, some popular restaurants may offer these dishes at a very high price. Picnics and pica-picas will surely help you save more and it will promote family bonding.


Fares take a huge portion of your budget and if you really want to make the most out of your traveling experience, walking will not only let you save but it will also let you savour the country you are exploring. Furthermore, it will give you the chance to experience the culture more and to meet locals.

No to Expensive Souvenirs

When traveling, you’re not really there to shop till you drop unless you are a millionaire or you’re traveling to shop for business purposes. There are department stores where you can buy items at a relatively cheaper price. Usually, souvenir shops sell items at very expensive prices since they think that travellers are worth a million bucks.

Tip Me Minimal

Giving tips is an effort to make workers feel that they are appreciated, but if you’re really trying to cut down your expenses, avoid giving out too much tip. It’s the thought that counts anyway.

Art and Zero Fees

In the early days, museums may be the most boring place you can ever be. However, with the latest technological spin-offs, museums have now evolved to become not only places for education, but for entertainment as well. When you are in a particular country, visiting a museum would not only be a great way for you to know more about the country you have visited, but there are also exhibitions you can definitely enjoy. The best thing about museums is that most of them do not require an entrance fee.


How Hairstyles Tell Stories about Women

When we say body language, most people think that it is all about movement, body position, posture, eye contact, facial expressions and so on and so forth. Although this is quite true, that is not all there is to it in body language. Actually, even hairstyles are included in interpreting body language.

If you wish to know more about the lifestyle or a self-image of a woman, then you should have a good look at her hairstyle choices. Today, there are various styles of hairs that are socially acceptable for women. That is why you can find it hard to know a woman better if your depend on her hair style. Because of his, you should look at a woman’s hair color, length as well as volume (in addition to style) if you wish to know her more.

So, what does your hair style say about you? Let’s take a look at the various interpretations below:

–  Short hair. These days, there are different variations of a short hair. There is one that is messy and easy to maintain. On the other hand, there are also those that are carefully styled and trendy. For the latter, the hair style actually indicates wealth or being financially well-off. Why is this so? This is because the cost of  maintaining and styling such type of hair may be too much for a person that has an average income. By having a short hair that is regularly dyed, we can tell that the woman cares about her looks and is more than prepared to shell out money for it. There are many reasons why a lady would want to spend money on maintaining her hair. Her concern for her hair may portray insecurity, concern about being accepted by other people and a high level of vanity. This hair style is more common for women who are in the business world. Women with this kind of job actually has the need to look more presentable and to keep up with the trends. This interpretation is more applicable for young to middle aged women. Older women would tend to have short hair but for different reasons.

–  Long hair. We all know that a long hair exudes great confidence and femininity. Because of this, a lot of women would maintain a long hair to attract men or feel sexy. Having a long hair is much more common for younger to middle-aged women. If you see an older woman with long hair, these are women who refuses to “grow up”. They are trying hard to cling to the vibrant version of themselves. They are not open to the reality that they are no longer in their younger years. However, this is not a negative thing at all. It just goes to show that these women have a free spirit. They are type who have no plans in conforming to the traditional norms of the society.

– Outargeous Hairstyles. Nowadays, you can find women with Mohawk, or have outrageous hair colors. These hairstyles just simply show the fun and crazy side of a woman. Women who wear such hairstyles are adventurous and have no care about what other people will say.



Baby Bump – The Sexiest Curve that a Woman Can Have

I’m getting bigger 😀 I am one humongous fat but happy mama. haha Oh my, I really don’t know what happened to my weight. From 50 kilos I am now almost 75 kilos. I can’t wait to see my baby blake dimitri and at the same time, I can’t wait to get in shape again. bahahaha :))) I wonder if my old friends will still recognize me. I have changed a lot. I look like Princess Fiona in the movie Shrek. Thanks to the aid of makeup, I can still strike a pose. Anyway, all the stretch marks, fat, pimples, and backaches that I have suffered from are all fro my precious little one. There’s nothing more precious than the thought of being a mom.

Come to think of it, two years ago, I see life as a complete meaningless cycle. An everyday routine of working, waking up, and waiting for problems to get solved. I wasn’t afraid to die during those days. I am a selfish wanderer living on my own. Even if I don’t have Blake yet, a lot of things have changed already (not only my physical appearance ahaha) but also the way I look at life 🙂

58915_4117699120758_127557291_n 64197_4117695080657_133366442_n 64488_4117697400715_12036195_n 65657_4149466674927_456009015_n 67980_4117696040681_60244102_n 149196_4117697520718_1464942658_n 163496_4149459834756_1047439272_n 310875_4149463074837_1514100174_n 387237_4151479885256_1688295691_n 404694_4149464074862_1922744792_n 406978_4149461594800_1638964821_n 420729_4149474475122_2069937872_n 524166_4117692440591_890562418_n 526596_4117691440566_1835321956_n 528213_4149461154789_597845662_n 539686_4117694560644_562625416_n 922694_4149460274767_477641669_n 922993_4149461274792_466470389_n 935386_4149463354844_1713317021_n 936822_4149473875107_1083264005_n

Excellent ways for a kitchen grand make over

The Kitchen is one of the very important part of our home. Surely everybody would say that they can’t survive and live without the kitchen. Think and recall, is there any time or day in your life that you didn’t use your kitchen?  It is imperative to take good care and maintain it as much as we can,simply because it’s part of our daily life. Upgrading and makeover is very essential for our kitchen in order for it to become more productive and efficient.


The new year has just begun, it will be best to start doing some makeover and upgrades for your kitchen. Apply new trends for your kitchen, entertain new ideas regarding designs. Make your kitchen more stylish and fashionable. Listed below are some ideas which will make your kitchen fabulous.

  • Welcome the Soft contemporary concept! Your old patterned kitchen designs are gone and obsolete. This will be the best time for the transformation phase. There may be changes but not so modernized.  The best way to define it is a simple, clean  and tidy kitchen.
  • Appliances – since we have tackled about a clutter free kitchen. Kitchen  appliances will be seen beyond or hiding in the cabinet.  Built in appliances  are the most trending design in this century. Most of the time also appliances are hidden under the kitchen islands or peninsula. In addition refrigeration tops can also serve as an added countertop.  This way of organizing will make your kitchen spacious and clutter free.
  • Lighting – If you have old standard light bulbs in your kitchen this will be the best time to replace it with led light. The main purpose of lighting maybe all about functional, but nowadays lighting is one element that can add a great contribution to make the area fabulously wonderful. Led lighting can be placed with some appliances or commonly under the kitchen cabinets.
  • Color – This year 2013 the trend for dark color has ended. We’re welcoming the Green and Eco-friendly concept in this year. Natural and green color is the ideal color for your kitchen, but still the color black for the island and countertops will be the number choice.
  • Sinks – Change and replace your old grandmother’s sink. It is time to try some new styles and designs for your sink. If you still don’t have the idea what will be the best one to make your kitchen more  amazing, better check online and you will be amazed of so many stylish designs. Before purchasing make sure that the design you’re going to choose will compliment to the kitchen concept.
  • Back splashes – In case that you want your back splashes to be trendy and up to date, the most trendy design for back splashes nowadays is the Glass. Simply because it’s manageable and very easy to clean.

Remember that your kitchen is the Heart of your home. Make sure to give the required upgrades that it is asking.


Spice up your walls using trendy wallpapers

Isn’t it boring to see the same old wall after five long years? Don’t you ever think that it might need a makeover already? Don’t you ever get tired to sit in front of it and see those designs for a along time? If this is the case then a revamp will be the best answer! Thinking about how you can get a new aura for your wall without breaking your bank? There are so many ways that you can do to make your wall lovely and stunning.

Always remember that your home is your haven, your resting place. Hoy you designs it will reflect to your personality, your design will speak about you. Make sure that before making any changes in your home, you have assessed and planned for it carefully and thoroughly.

Applying new painting might be the best and cheapest way to improve your wall, but nowadays there are so many options that you can do if you’re tired applying paint to your wall. And this might be through the help of of the glorious WALL PAPER. But before deciding for a wallpaper project make sure to know it’s pro’s and con’s so in the end you will not end up stressed and troubled.

Here are some trendy designs for your wallpaper:

  • The calendar – always disoriented about the current date? Then this design will be the best design for your wall. A great way for you to remember and be vigilant about the dates, weeks and months. Very ideal for busy individuals, this “huge calendar combined with a wallpaper design is an excellent way to make your home unique and functional.


  • The Tick-tock –  great way to remind about the time especially if you do have young little ones. Children’s perception about the wall is a huge canvas. That is why they really love and enjoy coloring and writing on your wall. Then in this way you will absolutely help them to learn and explore.  With a black and white outline definitely it will only look as a typical wallpaper, but adding some color with the use of crayon surely it will be amazing! However make sure to guide them on how to properly apply the color.


  • The Family – nothing can be compared to see those amazing family portraits in your home.  Different size and style of picture frames are on your wall, you can also add some of your pictures to make it more unique and stunning. The joy that you will see every single member of the family even thru photos is priceless!


  • The Green wall – If you’re a nature lover and wanted to keep the green environment close to you even when you’re inside your home then the green wall will be the best choice.  As the word implies Green, meaning it’s natural and absolutely paper free. Surely the ambiance in your home will be so fresh and relaxing. In addition it also improves the air exchange in your home.


 Enjoy your lovely new wall!


Preserve your memories with canvas prints and hang it on your walls to be more awesome one. Check out Canvas Factory for more info.