Road Trip Fun: Foods To Take on The Road

Planning  a roda trip can be extremely exhausting. You will have to plan which route to take, what things to bring and of course, you must carry out some maintenance procedures on your chosen vehicle. One of the most common problem of road trip travelers are the foods that they should bring. Since not all routes will have a diner or any establishment along the way, food is one big priority. This is why I have enumerated some of the best road trip snacks that you can prepare for your trip.

* Nuts. This is a healthy alternative for your usual salty chips. In the event that you will be craving for something salty, skip the chips and grab a bag of nuts instead. You can opt to bring different types of nuts. Walnuts, pistachios, almonds, walnuts and the likes. You name it, you can bring it! You can also opt to bring edible seeds such as sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. These snacks will provide you with the right combination of healthy fats and proteins. This treat will surely make you feel full without increasing your sodium levels. If you are craving for something crunchy, then you can opt for pop corn or a rice cake.

* Healthy Beverages. Most of the time, people will tend to bring lots of soda with them for a long drive. Although this may sound extremely delicious, this is really not highly recommended. After all, you would not want to get sick along the way, right? Drinking sodas can actually spike your blood sugar levels. If you want something that will quench your thirst while you are on the road, then it is recommended that you bring along some fruit drinks, sports drink as well as water with you. Place this in a cooler so it won’t get warm.

* Energy bars. If you will be travelling with the kids, leave the candy bars behind and bring the energy bars with you. With a granola bar, you can easily get the fiber and protein intake that your body needs without the excessive sugar levels.

* Chopped and packed veggies. If you want something to munch on, then it is best that you opt for pre-washed and pre-packed vegetables. Road trip friendly vegetables may include cherry tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, celery sticks as well as snap peas. To make this snack a lot more flavorful, opt for a tasty dip such as peanut butter or hummus.

* Cheese and crackers. Cheese and crackers is one snack combination that will never go wrong. This will keep your hunger intact for a very long time. You can prepare some cheese slices and put it on a chiller. Also, you can try and buy this snack in a convenience store along the way. If you wish to make some alterations on this usual cheese and crackers combo, you can replace cheese with peanut butter spread.

* Yogurt. Yogurt is a perfect snack for both adults and children. It is best that you opt for one that is packed in a travel friendly tube. If you wish to have  tastier travel snack, you can add some berries and granola on it. This will surely be  a great dessert while you are on the road.