Simple trending hair styles and designs for 2013

Hair plays a vital role in a woman’s look. It is the hair which exudes femininity. If a woman gets the proper hair style, it will certainly do great wonders for her looks and gender perspectives. With this in mind, it is the responsibility of all women to take good care of their hair. As time goes by, there has been great changes and developments in the hairstyles that women have today. In fact, year after year, these trends change.

This 2013, here are the hair style trends that women should watch out for:


Bob. This hairstyle has been with us for centuries but it is only just recently that the spot light has landed on this amazing hairstyle. It can be quite hard to manage long hair so a lot of women these days opt to go for this easy-to-manage hairstyle. Before, only tomboys wear short hair. These days, even girly girls do too. Bobs are usually simple and straight but this 2013, the hair industry is expected to go a bit more daring. That’s why you will surely be seeing lots of women with messy or curly bobs. Some would even come with fringed bangs. Whatever your personal style is, there is a bob that will suit you!

Wavy. Curls and waves have been the hairstyle during the early centuries. This 20th century, this hairstyle came back with a  bang! These days, the most popular curls are those called beach waves. These are big wavy curls that are quite easy to maintain. Curls can be perfect regardless of the length of your hair. It can be short, medium sized or long. Curly and wavy hair is quite easy to create; all you need is a curl enhancer as well as a diffuser and you’re all set.

Layers. If you do not wish to have a curly hair, then you have another choice—layers! Again, this style will suit any length of hair. If you wish to look stylish and trendy, then this is the perfect hair style for you.


Braids. If you are going to a park, a wedding or anywhere, braids is the perfect hairstyle to try! In fact, braids exudes femininity and romance that all women will surely love. Braids used to be done perfectly during the earlier centuries. Now, the messier the braid is, the better! Take a look at various braid styles that we have today and you will surely fall in love with it. Styles of braid include dutch braid and fish tails.

Messy bun. This hairstyle is perfect for medium or long haired women. This hairstyle is perfect for the hotter seasons. Most buns would appear formal and classy however this bun version will surely make you look sexy and hot. Since it does not have to be perfect, it will not consume too much of your time too.

Hair color

Pastel hair colors. This may sound absurd for many of us but pastel hair colors will actually become very trend this year. Some pastel colors would be green, pink and even, lavender. The shocking thing about this is that we are not just talking about streaks on your hair, all your hair will be colored pastel this season!


Ombre. This light to dark hair color will continue to rule the fashion industry up until this year!






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