My first step to Becoming a Real Wife

Did I ever mention here that one of my goals this 2013 is to become a good wife and a good mother? I can say that I am a good provider. I know how to do budgeting. I know where to get the money to buy this and that but aside from that, I am the lamest wife because I don’t know how to cook. My husband is the one who buys and cooks food. He is even in charge of the laundry.

Well, let’s all accept the fact that being a loving partner is not enough. You must learn how to serve. I have labeled myself as my husband’s queen for almost two years now and I know it’s my time to serve the king 😉

Three important things happened this week, we move to a new place and I am in charge of decorating the house, I cooked breakfast fro three consecutive days without burning the entire house nor burning the food, and lastly, I learned how to cook a new dish – salciadong dalagang bukid (bwahahaha, did I even spell the name of the dish correctly?) I deserve a tap on the shoulder 😀 It’s a big accomplishment for me. Hoorayyy!  hahahaha I feel so stupid yet I am so happy because it’s my first step to becoming a good wife.

On Making our House Look Like a Home


This is our new place. ahahha :))) Now, the tough part is how to turn it into a home.


I decided to go for neutral and warm colors. It’s just a small space but I want it to look bigger using neutral palettes. Since it will look dull if it will have no bright and striking tones. I decided to add a striped blue green throw pillow.


One thing that I am really.. I mean really fond of are pictures. I decided to crowd the living room with frames but they must have the same shade. For the frames hanging on the wall, it’s all brown and neutral. For all the frames down on the glass, it’s all shades of silver. I got the three vases in ascending order from a Chinese Porcelain Shop. Got all vases for 1500 pesos.


I am fond of fresh flowers but I don’t like plastic flowers for center pieces that’s why I chose candles. I matched the chairs with white seat covers with tribal prints to lighten up the dark color of the table.


Guess who made our bed? It’s my dad. He used to work in a furniture shop. I requested a bed in white. The frame hanging on the wall is from our pre-nuptial photo-shoot. It’s taken by a close friend, ate intet.


Facing our bed is a bunch of stuffed toys and my 7 year old mirror. I bought it when I was a fourth year high school student. The cute couple lamp shade is a wedding gift.

On Learning How to Cook

Tadahhh, aside from cooking boiled water for coffee (bwahaahaha, can you even consider that as cooking). Well, you are using fire so I guess that can be considered as cooking? wahahahaha

20130302_114727 20130302_122535 20130302_122544Surprise! I know how to cook salciadong dalagang bukid now ;D Oh my, my husband is so proud of me bwahahahaha. And to top it all, I cooked it without even setting the whole house on fire ahahahahha.

I guess, it’s a lucky week for me. I can’t wait to read this post again and reminisce all the things.. all the laughter that I had because of my eagerness to become a real wife… a good wife.

one aspiring wife,




7 thoughts on “My first step to Becoming a Real Wife

  1. wow your sarciadong dalagang bukid looks delicious.. your new house looks lovely, very inviting and cozy.. 🙂

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