Why should we buy recycled polyester clothing?


Photos: http://www.fashionindie.com/hm-examined-its-conscience-for-spring/

                Trendy and affordable apparel companies sell millions of clothing items each year that are made out of polyester. Polyester is derived from petroleum so is definitely not considered a “green” fabric. But  an article on  the well-known  eco-fashion blog Ecouterre.com claimed that recycled polyester could be the next big eco clothing material. If put into a landfill, and not recycled, petroleum products such as polyester will generally last between 250 and 500 years! However, Ecouterremade some very valid points about how recycled polyester could be the next big thing.

Polyester, though synthetic and petroleum based, can be a great material for clothing because it requires less care than clothing made from some eco-fibers. Polyester can be washed in cold water and easily air dries, plus, the fabric is naturally resistant to wrinkles, meaning an energy-wasting iron is not often needed. This as the “use-phase” of a garment, stating that the use-phase of polyester has a smaller carbon footprint than other fabrics, though its overall footprint is larger. Eco-consumers often forget about the use-phase footprint when shopping for clothing or fabric items, rather, they look for evidence that the object was sustainably produced. The use-phase and disposal of a fabric item usually account for 50-80% of the overall carbon footprint. Merida Home addresses this issue by producing many natural fiber area rugs that are 100% biodegradable. Merida also strives to make sure all products are durable and long-lasting in order to minimize use-phase waste.

Recycling polyester could potentially solve the “overall footprint” issue if a closed-loop production system is implemented. A closed-loop system would mean that ALL polyester would be recycled into new consumer items so that NO new polyester would ever need to be produced. While this seems far-fetched, it could actually work because polyester is very easily recyclable. So, if consumers were well educated on how to recycle their polyester garments, a closed loop-system could eventually become viable. A closed-loop polyester recycling industry would give recycled polyester the edge over many other eco-fibers, because though other eco-fibers are often organically produced, they are still largely made from virgin materials that are grown far from the U.S.. That combined with recycled polyester’s minimal use-phase footprint give designers and environmentalists a reason to stay open minded regarding this once-detested synthetic material.

Cameron Bruns is the founder of Boston Green Blog and a contributor to Merida, the premier source for distinctively designed natural rugs with a conscience for sustainability.

Mango and Strawberry Float

For people who are fond of heavenly desserts (just like me :D), graham float is one of the easiest recipe to follow. You don’t even need an oven to make one 😉


20130304_182006 collagestraw

Since, this is the only recipe that I am good at (hahaha) I want to share  how I make fruit graham floats. For two consecutive days, I made fruit graham floats. The first one was mango graham float (which is the most common) and the last one is strawberry graham float. My Papa (patrick’s dad) bought some strawberries from Baguio. Instead of eating it as it is, I decided to make a cake-looking graham float out of it.

There are two problems that amateur cooks like me encounter when creating floats.

1. It tends to be so sweet. In tagalog (nakakaumay sa tamis)

2. It tends to be dis-formed when you slice it which makes it not presentable and unappetizing specially if you are going to serve it to your visitors.

Well, there’s one solution to that problem. Contrary to the usual recipe that you will find online. Don’t mix a whole can of condensed milk into one box (pack) of Nestle Cream. It must be 70 to 80 % Nestle Cream and 20 to 30 % condensed milk. If you are going to add too much condensed milk, it will taste so sweet and it will not be as formed and look as if it’s a real cake baked in an oven and not just chilled in a fridge.

Now, let’s go to the ingredients:

  • I small bowl of sliced mango or strawberry (depends on what you prefer)
  • 1 box of Nestle Cream
  • 1 small can of condensed milk ( you will only use 1/4 to 1/2 of this)
  • Graham Cracker




  • In a big bowl, mix one box of Nestle cream and 1/4 to 1/2 can of condensed milk. It depends on how sweet you want the mixture to be.
  • Place the mixture in the fridge and wait for 30 minutes to one hour.
  • After an hour, dip the graham crackers one by one as you place it at the bottom of your rectangular pan.
  • Pour and spread the mixture at the top of the first layer.
  • Add the sliced fruits at the top of the mixture.
  • Add another layer of graham and repeat the procedure.
  • Once you already reach the top, remember that the last layer will be the mixture of nestle cream and condensed milk and not graham crackers.
  • After completing the layers, place the pan in the fridge and wait for 3 to 4 hours until it is frozen.
  • Once it is ready to serve, you can garnish it with crashed almonds or cashew nuts.

Simple trending hair styles and designs for 2013

Hair plays a vital role in a woman’s look. It is the hair which exudes femininity. If a woman gets the proper hair style, it will certainly do great wonders for her looks and gender perspectives. With this in mind, it is the responsibility of all women to take good care of their hair. As time goes by, there has been great changes and developments in the hairstyles that women have today. In fact, year after year, these trends change.

This 2013, here are the hair style trends that women should watch out for:


Bob. This hairstyle has been with us for centuries but it is only just recently that the spot light has landed on this amazing hairstyle. It can be quite hard to manage long hair so a lot of women these days opt to go for this easy-to-manage hairstyle. Before, only tomboys wear short hair. These days, even girly girls do too. Bobs are usually simple and straight but this 2013, the hair industry is expected to go a bit more daring. That’s why you will surely be seeing lots of women with messy or curly bobs. Some would even come with fringed bangs. Whatever your personal style is, there is a bob that will suit you!

Wavy. Curls and waves have been the hairstyle during the early centuries. This 20th century, this hairstyle came back with a  bang! These days, the most popular curls are those called beach waves. These are big wavy curls that are quite easy to maintain. Curls can be perfect regardless of the length of your hair. It can be short, medium sized or long. Curly and wavy hair is quite easy to create; all you need is a curl enhancer as well as a diffuser and you’re all set.

Layers. If you do not wish to have a curly hair, then you have another choice—layers! Again, this style will suit any length of hair. If you wish to look stylish and trendy, then this is the perfect hair style for you.


Braids. If you are going to a park, a wedding or anywhere, braids is the perfect hairstyle to try! In fact, braids exudes femininity and romance that all women will surely love. Braids used to be done perfectly during the earlier centuries. Now, the messier the braid is, the better! Take a look at various braid styles that we have today and you will surely fall in love with it. Styles of braid include dutch braid and fish tails.

Messy bun. This hairstyle is perfect for medium or long haired women. This hairstyle is perfect for the hotter seasons. Most buns would appear formal and classy however this bun version will surely make you look sexy and hot. Since it does not have to be perfect, it will not consume too much of your time too.

Hair color

Pastel hair colors. This may sound absurd for many of us but pastel hair colors will actually become very trend this year. Some pastel colors would be green, pink and even, lavender. The shocking thing about this is that we are not just talking about streaks on your hair, all your hair will be colored pastel this season!


Ombre. This light to dark hair color will continue to rule the fashion industry up until this year!





My first step to Becoming a Real Wife

Did I ever mention here that one of my goals this 2013 is to become a good wife and a good mother? I can say that I am a good provider. I know how to do budgeting. I know where to get the money to buy this and that but aside from that, I am the lamest wife because I don’t know how to cook. My husband is the one who buys and cooks food. He is even in charge of the laundry.

Well, let’s all accept the fact that being a loving partner is not enough. You must learn how to serve. I have labeled myself as my husband’s queen for almost two years now and I know it’s my time to serve the king 😉

Three important things happened this week, we move to a new place and I am in charge of decorating the house, I cooked breakfast fro three consecutive days without burning the entire house nor burning the food, and lastly, I learned how to cook a new dish – salciadong dalagang bukid (bwahahaha, did I even spell the name of the dish correctly?) I deserve a tap on the shoulder 😀 It’s a big accomplishment for me. Hoorayyy!  hahahaha I feel so stupid yet I am so happy because it’s my first step to becoming a good wife.

On Making our House Look Like a Home


This is our new place. ahahha :))) Now, the tough part is how to turn it into a home.


I decided to go for neutral and warm colors. It’s just a small space but I want it to look bigger using neutral palettes. Since it will look dull if it will have no bright and striking tones. I decided to add a striped blue green throw pillow.


One thing that I am really.. I mean really fond of are pictures. I decided to crowd the living room with frames but they must have the same shade. For the frames hanging on the wall, it’s all brown and neutral. For all the frames down on the glass, it’s all shades of silver. I got the three vases in ascending order from a Chinese Porcelain Shop. Got all vases for 1500 pesos.


I am fond of fresh flowers but I don’t like plastic flowers for center pieces that’s why I chose candles. I matched the chairs with white seat covers with tribal prints to lighten up the dark color of the table.


Guess who made our bed? It’s my dad. He used to work in a furniture shop. I requested a bed in white. The frame hanging on the wall is from our pre-nuptial photo-shoot. It’s taken by a close friend, ate intet.


Facing our bed is a bunch of stuffed toys and my 7 year old mirror. I bought it when I was a fourth year high school student. The cute couple lamp shade is a wedding gift.

On Learning How to Cook

Tadahhh, aside from cooking boiled water for coffee (bwahaahaha, can you even consider that as cooking). Well, you are using fire so I guess that can be considered as cooking? wahahahaha

20130302_114727 20130302_122535 20130302_122544Surprise! I know how to cook salciadong dalagang bukid now ;D Oh my, my husband is so proud of me bwahahahaha. And to top it all, I cooked it without even setting the whole house on fire ahahahahha.

I guess, it’s a lucky week for me. I can’t wait to read this post again and reminisce all the things.. all the laughter that I had because of my eagerness to become a real wife… a good wife.

one aspiring wife,