A Trait that I want to See Among Politicians

Most of the regular visitors in my blog already know that I am really a nurse (haha) Oh yes! I am. I actually wasted 4 years of my life in the College of Nursing. I had good teachers back then but why I am saying this? It’s because I actually ended up as an internet marketer instead of a Nurse. I have an average of 82.4 in the Nursing Licensure Examination but guess what, 3 years have passed already but I haven’t practice anything from what I have studied on those 4 bloody years.

Something Must Have Gone Wrong

I know something must have gone wrong. Seventy percent of my past and present employees are nurses. Just like me, they are all into internet marketing instead of giving medications, changing IV fluids, comforting patients, saying, “nanay, inom na po kayo ng gamot”, or even trying to stay awake until their shift ends. They are with me. They are writing articles, doing SEO, and other sorts of marketing tactics.

The bottom line is, there’s no enough opportunity for nurses here in our country. Oh wait, we shouldn’t even get that far. There’s no opportunity here in the City of Cabanatuan. There is no opportunity here in the province of Nueva Ecija for MAJORITY of the nurses. Sometimes, I badly wish that even just one politician stand up and ask us on what they can do for nurses because obviously most nurses have jobs but they are called VOLUNTEERS. It’s like a crown of kindness for doing good acts for free but hey, Nurses do have bills to pay. They don’t walk just to get to hospitals. They need to eat and they have parents whom they promised a well-off life. Yes, my parents might have sound crazy when they thought that they will have a good life after my graduation. Guess what? the sad news is after that bloody 4 years of tuition fee and daily allowance – not to mention projects, thesis, and affiliations. Those poor parents will continue to pay for daily allowance just so their REGISTERED NURSES can go to hospitals as VOLUNTEERS.

A Time for Change and Actions

Yesterday, someone asked me if I can invite nurses for a small talk. It’s a small meeting but big things can start from there, Don’t you think? Kuya Jojo Matias is actually the man behind that idea. He wants to know what he can do for nurses. Not those crappy programs that are engineered just so he can claim that he did something for the people but a real one –  A SUBSTANTIAL ONE. And because of that, I said, “hey, that’s a trait that I want to see among politicians” I want to see a person in the government who is actually concerned. Who will take time to talk with people so he can nail the real issue. I don’t really know him but this man really caught my attention. And for that, I’ll give him my support and trust.

Do You Want to Be a part of Change?

If you really – I mean REALLY REALLY want change. Don’t you think, you must take part on it? I mean complaining every time someone’s asking you why you are not practicing your real career won’t help. It won’t! Promise, I have tried it several times (hahaha). For all the nurses living in Cabanatuan City or even near Cabanatuan City and you know in yourself that you can take part in the word CHANGE, do come this coming MARCH 2, 2013 at 1 PM. Meeting place will be at Global Kids Montessori.



I am not planning to be a nurse anymore but for the sake of those colleagues of mine, I am eager to see change on the situation of Nurses here in Cabanatuan City. I caught a  little spark of hope when I heard those words, “What can I do for Nurses”

If I who has no intentions of being a nurse anymore has the concern. Wouldn’t you – a striving nurse join the meeting and finally voice out how you badly needed help?


Don’t just try to complain in your facebook status. Let’s start something 🙂 So I guess, I’ll be seeing you next week. Saturday (march 2) at Global Kids Montessori.


How I Lived My Negative Life Positively

There are no negative things for a positive person.


At age 23, I must say that life is really a tough road. Why am I saying this? When I was still a college student, I have to do my classmates’ assignments and projects – and even students from other blocks just so I can have money to help my parents in paying utility bills. I even have to work on 20 to 30 thesis per semester to earn money. Those things give me no excuse for not excelling in class. I was the first Cum Laude at the College of Nursing back then. While some other students have been given the opportunity to study while not worrying about their family’s financial problem, I am BLESSED to have the opportunity to study hard and still manage to help my parents financially. My father is a hard working man. The only problem is, most often, he is ending up with employers who don’t give a shit whether your family will starve to death. Yes – my father is unlucky with work. he works hard but most of the time gets no salary because of unscrupulous foreign employers.

Why am I saying that I am blessed to have been placed in that kind of situation? It’s because for without it, I will not be tough and I will not strive hard. That’s how you see things positively. Be thankful because at least you have the skills to change the course of your life. Be thankful because at least, you graduated from college. Be thankful because there are other people who haven’t been given the chance to experience what you have experienced. No school could ever taught those life lessons that I learned from my college life.

See? That should be a negative experience but I look at it positively and I end up being thankful.

Here’s another one, recently, I got screwed by Amaia of Avida Land. Yes, that real estate corporation which is owned by Zobel. I started paying my mortgage when I was 21 years old. Two years later, they finally confessed that they don’t know when will my home be built. I bought it for my parents but sadly that first dream house never materialized. After so many appeals that no deductions shall be made to my payment even the interest rate that we need to pay to the bank, they finally agreed to release all my refunds but sadly, I didn’t get the 21,000 pesos mortgage fee plus 17,000 pesos reservation fee. I am just an ordinary hardworking person and those digits ( others might say, ganun lang pala kaliit di nabalik sayo, okay na yun) really mean a lot to me because I am looking after my family’s needs even I am already married. But you know what? I will still be thankful because others have to spend their 21,000 pesos… their 17,000 pesos for hospital billls or for funeral service because someone whom they love died or got sick.

And again, I will say THAT’S HOW YOU LOOK AT NEGATIVE THINGS POSITIVELY. There is no such thing as negative things, there is just a negative mindset. There is no negative and ugly life – there is just what we call pessimist.

Redefining Your Palette: Best Places To Eat When Visiting Manila

The Philippines is indeed a beautiful country. Aside from its fabulous beaches sceneries and culture, Filipinos are also famous for their flavorful cooking. Based on a 400 year old tradition, Filipino cuisine has exceeded expectations to fulfill every palette that visits it’s country and continues to impress anyone who visits it. Manila, the state capital of the Philippines, is among the best places to visit and sink your teeth into. It offers a mix of Spanish and Chinese cooking plus a majority of Filipino made dishes.

Below are the best places to eat when visiting Manila. They may not be found in a five star hotel, but they surely exceed a five star rating when it comes to experience and taste.


Balut Restaurants


Adventurous tourists should try Pateros’ famous delicacy, a food that is considered taboo among many, yet satisfies a vast majority of people, and this is the balut. Originally from China, a Balut egg is a  45 day old duck embryo that is slowly steamed or boiled and is eaten whole together with vinegar and salt as its condiments and beer as a beverage. It is believed that it increases the libido of the person who will eat it and regenerate his lost strength. Though its appearance seems to come out of a horror movie, the balut has satisfied countless Filipino and chines tummies for centuries.

Pansit ng mga taga-Malabon

pansit malabon

Pansit, or sautéed noodles is a traditional and common delicacy in the Philippines. it comes in different varieties and is also prepared in different ways. But perhaps one of the best versions of Pansit is that of the people of Malabon. They use Palabok or rice noodles and is sautéed with shrimp, pork skin, and peanut sauce. Both local and foreign tourists flock this place and fulfill their cravings for something special.


The Singing Cooks And Waiters Restaurant


What’s eating without some entertainment right? Well the Singing Cooks and Waiters Restaurant offers an eating experience like non other. Be serenaded by singing waiters and cooks with traditional modern Filipino and foreign songs while being served with traditional Filipino food like Sinigang, Kare – Kare, Sisig, Adobo, and Bopiz. This is indeed a very amusing experience since only a few restaurants in the world offer such entertainment.

MamonLuk Noodle House


Though it is Chinese in nature, MamonLuk Noodle house which is located in Quezon city, is definitely something Filipinos should be proud of. The owner, R. MamonLuk came to the Philippines to sell noodles in order to marry his wife back home in China. And thanks to hard work, R. MamonLuk became one of Manila’s premiere restaurants serving one of the best noodle soups and dumplings in the Philippines. He loved the Philippines so much that he decided to live here and expand his business and 10 years after his stay, he became number one in the heart of Filipino Noodle Soup lovers.

BF Dampa Seafood Markets and Restaurants


One of the best seafood places to go to, BF Dampang, located in Paranaque City, Manila, offers top of the line ocean delicacies from your favorite crabs to the elusive and luxurious lobster. The best part about this place is that you can buy the seafood that you want to it directly from the market and let them cook it for a small price. For once you get to control the menu and how it is cooked, right down to detail.


About the Author:

Jan Crhsitian Galang is a travel ambassador, aspiring musician, and blogger from DC Cruising. They offer p&o cruises from sydney and other services. Despite of her busy schedule, he never forgets to indulge in her wanderlust.