First Two Months as A Couple


Sorry Guys if I have been Missing in Action here at The Thrifty Senyorita. Well, to make the long story short, I got married last October 20,2012 (I will post our wedding photos soon 😀 ) and huwallllla! I got pregnant on the same month.

The First Two Ugly Stages of Pregnancy and How I am laughing at it

The first two months of pregnancy was crazy! I’ve been vomiting everything that touches my throat. It’s great to be pampered and not to mention, I can get all the food I am craving for (bwahahaha “evil laughs”) but I really didn’t enjoy it because I was always vomiting. Anyway, the emesis portion of my pregnancy has already left my day to day  life. I am now worried about the colony – oh yes! colony! haha – The colony of pimples in my forehead. It always makes me wonder, are they having a meeting on my forehead? bahahahaha. They seemed to be doing it and last time I heard, they won’t live my devastated face until I give birth.

Thanks to BB creams, and foundations – I can still go out without worrying about those ugly ducklings in my forehead. It’s already drying up. I am using Celeteque facial wash plus toner and also Panoxyl – I heard it’s safe for pregnant moms. I can’t use my old skin regimen thingy because it may harm my baby. And oh! I forgot, I also used Baking Soda and it works wonders! The inflamed areas dried up and it’s beginning to peel.

My Not So Improving Cooking Skills

So much — too much for introduction! hehe I really missed blogging my thoughts, don’t I? Here’s our topic, our first two months as a Couple – I mean a legally wed couple. Well, there’s no changes at all. Even my cooking skills are not changing. When will I ever learn to cook. Last time, when my husband left me at home for a photo and video coverage gig – I almost filled the entire home with smoke coming from the dried fish that I am cooking and I also waited for two hours before I finally ate my breakfast. :((( I feel so hopeless.

My husband cooks for us but I promise, this year – I’ll do my best to practice cooking. I’ll do whatever it takes – even if it means burning down our entire house! hahaha Just kidding :p

Lover’s Quarrel and Finding the Good at it


I remember one of my close friends asked me, “Do you ever have quarrels?” Of course we do! I think having no quarrels in a relationship means both of you are just so good in keeping grudges to yourself. Why do you have to avoid quarrels when one day, I am sure that all those grudges will come out and it will be so big, it can break your marriage? Unsaid words are lethal – they are like slow acting poison. You won’t notice it at first but when it has already spread, you will just find out that it’s too late to fix things.

We always ask each other what’s wrong when something seems wrong. We speak what we want to say to address matters. Yes, there can be tension during those times but we always end up resolving it. WE hug each other afterwards. We fight, we learn, we grow. I must admit, I’m a nagger but my husband is a good partner to me. He cools down when I’m hot headed and allows me to calm down. I remembered from the Movie Mahatma Gandhi, he mentioned:


If an enemy strikes your left cheek, offer him your right.

According to Gandhi, we gain the respect of others by doing that. As they hurt us, the respect turns to grow because we never fight back. We are firm that we will never hurt them. That’s what happened to me and my husband. He never says anything bad to me. He never hurts me even if I am a nagger. The sooner I realize that, I begin to give my respect and I honor my husband. Sometimes, showing that you are superior is acting like you are inferior. Patrick is successful in doing that. I do look like I am the superior because I am the one who talks a lot but in silence, there’s respect. His silence makes me feel ashamed of my values and made me give the respect that my husband truly deserves.

I guess, I still have a lot of things to learn 🙂




3 thoughts on “First Two Months as A Couple

  1. Ohhh, it’s my first log in to wordpress and it’s your post I first read! I enjoyed reading this too much. It brought back memories. It makes me admire your attitude toward pregnancy and marriage. I can almost hear you laugh! Have a happy new year and enjoy the journey. Words are never enough to describe the journey of marriage and motherhood.

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