Fifteen Ways To Get Inspired Daily

Feeling tired, depressed and burned out? Sick of the old routine at work and at home? Itching to have another shot at something but can’t seem to find the urge and fuel to do so? Well with today’s stressors and environment, I don’t blame you. Each and every time I seem to be on to something, it just slips away into the blue. It’s like having someone burst your bubble or smash the light bulb that pops out of your head every time something good comes along. It’s frustrating, annoying, and draining. It may affect your will and determination to survive in what you do, but despite the hardship and obstacles we face everyday, God is always there to remind us that life is about being challenged and the future is for the strong. Being weak at times is just as normal as sleeping, eating and drinking but the thing is you can always do something about it.


Recently, I’ve lost the urge to write, simply because nothing seems to interest me anymore. It’s like running out of gas in the middle of a long and dark highway with no passing cars or shiny gasoline stations in sight. I thought it was the end of my writing career. I was getting ready to kick the bucket when I found photos of me and my mom teaching me how to write. At first I just smiled, thinking how young and naive I was, but when I decided to look at my baby pictures, I got inspired all of sudden. I don’t know why exactly but I have a gut feeling it was the picture where I was holding a pen and a piece of paper that got me.

We are not perfect. We often say that we are strong but actually we’re weaker than a rubber balloon. If you find yourself running out of energy and on the verge of giving up, try to read through my 15 ways of how to get inspired daily and maybe, just maybe, you can get the flame in your heart to burn bright again.


Tranquility and calmness soothes the nerves. It cleanses the brain and reboots your think tank. 5 to 15 minutes of meditating is enough to boost your self – esteem again.

Read inspiring stories/blogs in the internet.

Reading inspiring stories can get you to pack up your bags and continue your journey. Trust me, after reading a lot of positive stories, you’ll be strong again in no time.

Eat ice cream!

Yes eating ice cream helps! It does! Really! Why you ask? Because sugar can help re – energize your body, especially your mind.

Read at least 5 positive quotes a day.

In this approach, you don’t have to read the same quotes over and over again. Try searching for new ones everyday to get you going.

Have a very long road trip.

Going for a long drive will take off any stress that seems to bring you down. It will relax your mind and will help in boosting your self – esteem. Being behind the wheel gives you control over yourself and of the destination you wish to take.

Watch a movie.

Watching movies will definitely get you inspired again. Films like Forrest Gump, As Good As It Gets and the Notebook will truly inspire you to be better.

Talk to your priest or pastor.

Having a conversation with a religious leader once in a while is definitely healthy for you. They will give you advices that will not only strengthen your mind, but your spirit and will as well.

Write poems.

Even though you’re not the poetic or artistic type, writing poems helps release unwanted and harmful feelings into a piece of paper. It will give you something to think about and after a while, you’ll find yourself free of doubt.

Visit friends you haven’t seen for a while.

A visit to a high school friend or a drinking buddy that you haven’t seen for a while can get you inspired again. Why? Exchanging stories can help you generate ideas and long lost inspiration.

Get into sports.

A little friendly competition will do you more good than harm. Why? Simply because the will to win will be practiced again and again when it comes to sports.

Charity Work

Doing charity helps you see the reality of life and how lucky you really are. After a few charity works, you’ll be counting your blessings and thanking God for giving them to you in no time.

Listen to music.

Jazz, reggae, hip hop, Rnb, rock or any other musical genre will ease your tensions with yourself. Try listening to your favorite songs and you’ll find yourself back on track again.

Get a pet dog.

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. Seeing them wag their tails everyday when you come home is more than enough to inspire you. Seeing how happy they are just by seeing you will definitely loosen some tensions.

Read a book.

Books are the smallest yet one of the best inspiration givers in the world. Not only does it contain lines that will help you in your current situation, but also gives you a scenario that will help you solve your recent setbacks.

Read the bible.

Perhaps the most important inspiring acts of all. Reading the bible everyday will help you in your search for inspiration at home, work and in your spirit. Talking to God once a day isn’t a bad idea folks.

Hope is the best thing a person can have during times of darkness and neutrality. The only way you can really be inspired is through determination and contentedness.

About the Author:

Jan Christian Galang Reyes  is a travel ambassador and blogger from Deck Chair Cruising. They offer australian cruises and other services.