DIY Tutu and Eye Make Up for Kids

Hi there senyoritas 😀 It’s a fun day for me. I visited my dermatologist because of a skin overgrowth on my forehead andthe good news is –  my condition is finally improving 🙂 I’ll have a separate blog post for this. And also, I had a fun talk with my gorgeous Master of Ceremony for my wedding day. After the long and tiring day, I finally got home and decided to play a dress up game with Cheska.
I decided to play with pink and green for her eyeshadow and I also used liquid eye liner. Oh my! Applying a liquid eye liner in a 3 year old kid isn’t an easy task. I sweated a lot and even played with her in front of the fan just to make sure she won’t open her eyes ’til the eye liner is dry. I suggest that if you are going to make a cat eye line using eye liner, use the pencil type because working with the liquid eye liner is exhausting plus if she opens her eyes, it becomes smudged and a complete disaster! haha Anyway here it is.

For her outfit and hair dress,  I used some DIY stuff that I got from my closet teeheee 😀 I used my skirt to create a tutu dress for her and tied it up with a matte gold ribbon. I bet you can still remember her hairdress, it’s my princess in lavender DIY braided head band which I rolled with her curly hair and secured a bun over the back.


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