How To Match Your Jewelry With Your Makeup

By matching jewelry to our makeup, we can really make ourselves stand out! What we wear is an expression of who we are, so finding inspiration from our favorite ring or lip gloss can really give our outfit a unique look. There are some simple ways to match your favorite accessories to your makeup.

by Mitya Kuznetsov

In general, you can let things match perfectly or clash. Knowing how to get your jewelry to complement your makeup boils down to knowing what colors will match and which ones will clash. There are some tones that naturally go together. Browns, greens, blues, and reds are considered earth tones and can easily be matched. Clashing colors are directly across from each other on the color wheel. For example, green and red will clash.

by Fern Berresford

Imagine a candy apple red gemstone choker matching perfectly with your lipstick. This is a perfect match that blends well and creates harmony with the entire outfit. However, we can also use those same principals to clash instead. Switch the red gemstones with green ones, but keep the same bright red lipstick. Instead of blending, the colors are now clashing and competing together. This is not necessarily a bad thing. It actually brings attention to both your necklace and your lips. Even though the colors clash, there is still harmony with the overall look.

The same thing can be done by having the jewelry take center stage. Imagine a Bohemian necklace that is bold and bright, complementing soft and light hints of makeup. The subtle application of color on the eyes and lips are brought out by the bolder accessory. We do not necessarily need to match or clash the color alone, but also the style and design of the piece itself. Doing so will allow the jewelry to be the hero of your outfit.

First examine your jewelry. Note what tones and colors are highlighted by the piece. Next, decide if you want it to match or clash with your makeup. Pick the colors that will accomplish what you want. Experiment to see what works best for you. If you are looking for additional pieces that are colorful and new, consider checking out

Finding the right jewelry and makeup combination is fun and expressive. You can truly add to your style and play with matching and clashing elements. Doing so will make some major fashion statements. Wow your friends and family with your new look!

DIY Tutu and Eye Make Up for Kids

Hi there senyoritas 😀 It’s a fun day for me. I visited my dermatologist because of a skin overgrowth on my forehead andthe good news is –  my condition is finally improving 🙂 I’ll have a separate blog post for this. And also, I had a fun talk with my gorgeous Master of Ceremony for my wedding day. After the long and tiring day, I finally got home and decided to play a dress up game with Cheska.
I decided to play with pink and green for her eyeshadow and I also used liquid eye liner. Oh my! Applying a liquid eye liner in a 3 year old kid isn’t an easy task. I sweated a lot and even played with her in front of the fan just to make sure she won’t open her eyes ’til the eye liner is dry. I suggest that if you are going to make a cat eye line using eye liner, use the pencil type because working with the liquid eye liner is exhausting plus if she opens her eyes, it becomes smudged and a complete disaster! haha Anyway here it is.

For her outfit and hair dress,  I used some DIY stuff that I got from my closet teeheee 😀 I used my skirt to create a tutu dress for her and tied it up with a matte gold ribbon. I bet you can still remember her hairdress, it’s my princess in lavender DIY braided head band which I rolled with her curly hair and secured a bun over the back.

My Future Husband is a Gardener (Just kiddin’)

Fifteen months ago, I said “Yes” to the man who has forever changed the course of my life – he is Patrick 🙂 Back then, I had no plans with life. I just work, do movie marathon, eat and stroll outside, and sleep. That’s how my life goes. And I even do this all by myself. I work at home because I am an internet marketer. I am basically an isolated girl who find happiness in eating and watching movies. I even watch movies in theater alone! I even stay ’til midnight in cafes alone! Can you imagine what my life is? Then one day, I saw this guy who has forever change the course of my life – how things are and how I look at life. The guy who taught me the real value of family. The guy who has teach me things that no Cum, Magna, or Summa Cum Laude could have ever teach me.

You know what I have found? I found happiness in a simple person – a simple guy who has simple thoughts about life but what amazes me the most is that it’s reality wrap in a wonderful ribbon – reality full of positivity!

Have you ever known of that man who brings flowers to his beloved woman as often as he can? Most of the time, I wake up in the morning and the first thing I see are flowers. I even jokingly say this, “di mo sakin sinabi hardinero ka pala!” He knows what will make my heart smile – flowers and ehem… shoes! haha :)) Yes! he also shops for shoes and even knows how to pick the most gorgeous shoes in the shelves.

Someone close to my heart said, “Finding true love is very difficult but once in a while in life, if you are lucky, you might meet someone who is exactly right for you. Not because that person is perfect, or because you are, but because your combined flaws are arranged in a way that allowed two separate beings to hinge together”.

I can say that I found him 🙂 How about you? Have you found him?