The Princess Meets the Diva

Hi there senyoritas! Today’s post will be about shoes. I must admit that shoes are my guilty pleasures. I don’t know but I just find shoes as the center piece of every outfit that I will wear. I maybe wearing a 10 peso dress or a thirty pesos thrifted shorts but I know that my gorgeous pair of shoes will make my outfit stand out.

I can remember my Tita Elaine saying that women who wear high heels look smarty. Never mind if everyone is staring at you! As long as you feel confident about yourself. It’s your feet anyway. As I always say, do what you want to do. Dress as you want to dress but never step on another woman’s heels.

I know, I haven’t posted my collection here but will surely do in the future 😉 For now, let me share my two new babies – the princess and the diva.
Both of them are from Parisian. I bought them at SM North EDSA yesterday. You can find Parisian in the Ladies’ Shoes section of SM Department Store. You can check their facebook fan page here.

The Princess

Price: P 1299

This pumps is 5 inches high. It has a glittery gold base which is covered with sexy lace. The heels looks like a shiny metal gold to me.

I am going to wear this on my wedding day 😀 I have been searching the web for all kinds of shoes. I can’t  just find the one that will make me fall in love. I have heard of Abbylyn’s located at Cubao Expo but didn’t end up buying a customized pair of shoes there because I fell in love with this Parisian Pumps in lace. Even my boyfriend, Patrick fell in love with it!

I saved 3701 pesos on my wedding shoes 😀 I am not thrifty when it comes to shoes. I don’t know why. I just think that cheap shoes really look cheap. Unlike cheap clothes, you can accessorize and play with them to make them look stunning.

So here it is… make way for the princess:

The Diva

Price: P 1299

Since I saved a lot because I found a cheaper wedding shoes, I decided to buy this hot pink 7 inches pumps in suede. Yeee (kilig) I love this because it makes me look taller. Huh! I am almost 6 feet tall now. 😀

On other online shops, you will find this pair of shoes at 2,000 to 3,000 pesos. When I saw it, I fell in love with this shoes too! There’s just that crazy lub dub in my chest whenever I see glamorous shoes. I call this the Diva because I think it is more of a sexy sultry personality.

Oh my! Oh boy! I can’t wait to rock this shoes together with something floral or something neon!

How about you? Which of these two Parisian shoes is more gorgeous? Are you a Diva or are you a Princess? 😉

So that’s it. I am proud to say that I am a Parisian Bride. You can also check SM Department store website for their latest shoes collection.



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