What is Love?

Do you know what love is? It’s the surprising moment that you forget that you can’t fly and once again, you believe in dreams and magical lands.

A lot of times, we forget the definition of love. It even sounds like a cliche. We hear it in the television. We hear it even in gay contests. For me, love is simply undefinable. There is no constant definition of love. It changes its meaning. It’s like the air, it takes the form of whatever object is containing it.

In my life, love has been this  – the surprising moment that you forget that you can’t fly and suddenly you believe in yourself again. You believe in magical lands, of princess, of prince, of ogres, of the impossible. Then, you meet the word “Trust” again. You let go of the things in the past and accept that your past doesn’t hold you in its palm.

Love is so powerful, it has made me believe in life again. It made me forget that I can’t fly. It made me forget that I am just a five feet tall oriental woman with two big moles on her cheek. It made me live with my dreams.

How about you? Have you found love in your life?



7 thoughts on “What is Love?

  1. very much…it’s practically all around but that kind of special love, it comes when you least expect it and it’s a really, wonderful feeling. I just wish the intensity were easier to sustain though. lol!

  2. Love is amazing! Sustaining it requires work and dedication but it is worth it. After almost 7 years we’re still crazy about each other. Never take anything for granted, have fun together, enjoy each other’s company, be affectionate, never lose that spark. Things do change as we get comfortable but never lose sight of the love you have! Nurture it like you would a flower and it will continually blossom. Éva ❤

  3. Awww, thank you and Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! 😉 we are not married yet but the same ideas apply to all relationships in my opinion. We had a very tough time in our first year together, we both had stuff to work through. We actually broke up for 2 months and realized we couldn’t live without each other and decided to work on our relationship. Realize that even the best of relationships will hit bumpy rides and it is how you handle them together is what matters. Don’t hold grudges and work through issues. And LOVE, LOVE and love each other some more ❤ These are my keys to a lasting, happy union! Have an incredible day and I hope you post pictures of your amazing wedding day! ❤

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