Tangerine and Teal

Hi guys! This is my outfit when we visited Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija.

Here’s the price of the accessories and stuffs that I am wearing:

Maxi Skirt – I don’t know the price. Surprisingly, it’s from my Grandma! Yes it is :)) hehe. I made some adjustments over the waistline because it’s too loose on me. I like the color so even if it was too big for me, I made some DIY repairs. It’s made of a cotton fabric and it’s really comfortable. If you want to wear a Maxi skirt in a sunny day, make sure that it is made of cotton so you will not get irritated and wish that you should have wear shorts instead.

Tangerine Necklace – It’s from Legally Chinita. If you want to order one, do contact Ms. Jenna. It’s only 150 pesos. Cheap isn’t it? But it really looks elegant. Anyway, it’s how you will wear it. I decided to wear this necklace since I think it suits the color of my maxi skirt.

Tube – it’s thrifted! I bought it for 40 pesos  (1$). It really has a good fit plus I have these fats on my armpit which makes me really cautious on wearing tube or sleeveless blouse. I always make sure that those chubby flabs on my armpit will not be visible.

Sling Bag -I bought this a long time ago. I love using this because it compliments most of my clothes. It’s also thrifted and I bought it for 250 pesos

Belt – got the belt from my old shorts. This belt is one of my favorite belts also. As I go along posting my outfits here at the fashion section of Thrifty Senyorita, you will notice that I always use it 😛 I just find brown thingy as a staple stuff on every outfit I wear. I love the color brown and other earthly colors 😀

Total – 440 pesos (10.7 $). Thrifty isn’t it? 🙂

For more pictures of the views from Pantabangan, click here.






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