Fishing Escapade ( I wish!) at Pantabangan

Don’t Jump! 😀

Days like this, I always wear flats :p Anyway, no one will see how chubby my legs are. I’m wearing my grandma’s Maxi Dress

What the heck am I thinking here? haha (drama mode)

I am in love with blue skies ❤

Let’s Sail Away – Come with me! 😀

We rented a van which costs 1200 pesos (back and forth – including gasoline fees). We stayed for about 30 minutes in this lake which comprises the dam site at Pantabangan. I also notice that water continuously flows in the road side. They say, it’s like a spring. You will notice motorists will stop by to wash their tricycles.

I want to go back again, and this time, will bring some food and fishing equipments and probably will go back during afternoon or during early morning. I almost got blinded by the sun light! It was 3:00 pm when we got there. Anyway, we just visited this place because of our friend, August. He died in a motorcycle accident.



3 thoughts on “Fishing Escapade ( I wish!) at Pantabangan

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